Prisoner Issa Al-Mu'ti (13) cuffed to bed in Hadassa Ain Karem hospital after shot by IOF on September 18.

13-year-old prisoner threatened with foot amputation after shot by Israeli Occupation Forces 

Lawyer of the Palestinian Prisoners’ Commission, Tareq Barghouth on Sunday said that the health of child Issa Al-Mu’ti has been deteriorating as he is staying in the Hadassa Ain Karem hospital, after he was shot in the foot by Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) in Bethlehem on 18 September, under the pretext of stone hurling during clashes.After visiting the 13 year old child, the commission’s lawyer said that his health situation is deteriorating.
Issa earlier has had an artery cultivation surgery in his right foot which failed and so medics said that they might need to amputate it because the bones have been penetrated and smashed by the bullet. Barghouth said that Issa is staying in the hospital under heavy security, his hand cuffed to the hospital bed. He added that the commission is seeking to get a release order for Issa since he’s too young, and also to rescue his deteriorating health condition.
Barghouth said that Israeli occupation holds responsibility for Al-Mu’ti’s condition, as murder and opening fire on children is an authorized Israeli policy against children hurling stones.
Legally speaking, Barghouth said that the Israeli occupation government’s authorization for immediately opening fire on children throwing stones is considered a willful field execution.


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