Shajaeyyah: Massacre with impunity

Hikmat Ajjuri


The in alienable right of the Palestinian people for self-determination is asserted by many UN resolutions, and culminated by the UN general assembly upgrade of the status of Palestine to a state in 2012.

In 1988, the Palestinian National council recognized the right of Israel to exist on 78% of historic Palestine instead of 56% as was stipulated in the partition plan of 1947, which brought Israel into being.

Israel in return has done everything possible to thwart the world’s efforts to establish a sovereign Palestinian state.  According to the Oslo agreements, a Palestinian state was supposed to be established after a transitional period of 5 years.

Because Israel is a state that never respects its agreements, the five years ended with more of the Palestinian land stolen by Israel the occupying power. This failure of Israel to meet its Oslo obligations was the main reason behind the second Intifada and undermined the Palestinian moderation

In this environment Hams was elected in in 2006. Since then, Israel kept to deceiving the world in the name of the alleged self-defence and waged four brutal offensives in 2006, 2008, 20012 and 2014 against Gaza.  In those offensives Israel conducted all kinds of war crimes and crimes against humanity and used internationally illegal weapons and millions of kgs of explosives on heads of 1.8 million Palestinians living in 360 sq km.

Those offensives caused the death of thousands of Palestinians the overwhelming majority of them were children, women and non-combatant civilians.

Every state has the right to defend itself and its people. But in the case of Israel the occupying power, which is behaving like a terrorist organization, by killing children playing on the beach and buried the people alive, Israel defends its terror and apartheid nature. Israel has over the past 14 days injured thousands of civilians, killed so far 604 including 35 entire families. This gives me the courage to say that the only moral defense Israel, is entitled for is to end its 47 year military occupation of what now become the state of Palestine.

Profiting from the international silence , Israel on the 13th day of its current  offensive bombed non- stop for a whole night AlShjaeyyah neighbourhood in the eastern suburb of Gaza city. It is another massacre in which 350 seriously injured and killed and buried 80 innocent civilians.

The EU is the true guardian of human rights to which all individuals are entitled as human beings. The EU accordingly is obliged to reconsider its relationship with Israel for constantly breaching the human rights of the Palestinians under its occupation. The International Humanitarian law (law of war). This law has two –fold purpose; to regulate the conduct of hostilities and to protect the victims of armed conflicts. In other words proportionality and distinction of the current Israeli offensive “protective edge” on Gaza were reflected by the death toll and the excessive use of weapons including internationally illegal ones .

It was the world’s sanctions against the apartheid regime, that rid South Africa from this brutal inhumane regime. In our case and in an utter contradiction it is the lack of action by the international community against Israel´s previous massacres in Palestine and in Lebanon that encouraged Israel to perpetrate with impunity the aforementioned Massacre in Shajaeyyah neighbourhood.

I once again appeal to the International community including EU to act with same degree of responsibility against Israel the occupying power.

It is high time for the words of condemnation to be transformed into deeds, until Israel ends its occupation of the state of Palestine, as the only tool to enforce the only endorsed international solution of two states in historic Palestine.

Ambassador of Palestine

Article first appeared on 23.07.2014: