Future Generation and not Future Elections


Dr. Hikmat Ajjuri

Israel, over the past 47 years, had brutalized the Palestinians under its occupation and denied them freedom and dignity in their own homeland. In Gaza, for the past 8 years, Israel imposed an inhumane blockade. This blockade is equated to collective punishment and accordingly a war crime. In a blatant act of piracy, Israel never stops using force to prevent the International aid by sea, from reaching the imprisoned people in Gaza. Approximately, 1500 lives were lost as a direct effect of this inhumane siege on Gaza.

Meanwhile, thousands of innocent lives have also been lost and injured during those years as a direct effect of the Israeli malicious offensives, it has launched against Gaza, since 2006. These unjustified brutal offensives and the inhumane blockade made Gaza, the biggest open prison in the world an abattoir as well. Ironically, Israel waged all these offensives in the name of alleged self-defense. In fact, they were meant to serve a shortsighted political glory and also aim to restoring the reputation of the invincibility of the Israeli army which was damaged during the Israeli war against Hezbollah, in Lebanon, in the summer of 2006.

Operation Cast Lead preceded the last Israeli elections of Feb 2009 by one month, and Operation Pillar of Defense that was launched on November 2012 preceded the January elections. Of course this relevance is never a coincidence as it became clear that Israel thrives on external threat which is the only bond that keeps the Israeli super multi-cultural society intact.

On record all these military offensives by Israel started by provoking Palestinian reactions in order to justify an alleged Israeli self-defense aggression. In Israel, only Hawks are elected and doves remain in their nests.

In fact the approach of provoking others is a legacy of the founder of Israel who says “we have to learn how to provoke the Arabs into provoking us”.

The aggression “protective Edge” on the 7th of July 14 is another planned aggression in order to destroy the newly emerged unity Palestinian government. Its formation proves Israel wrong that the Palestinians are split and have no official representatives.

However, it looks as if angry individuals did the disappearance and the killing of the three Israeli settlers. Yet Hamas was used as a pretext for Israel to kill arrest and torture Palestinians at large as a means to provoke a Palestinian factional violent reaction. Israel in its alleged self-defense has blatantly breached the international humanitarian law, which is made to protect civilians and their infrastructure during the war.

The whole world once again surrenders to the Israeli narrative. I welcome the Egyptian initiative on the 26th of August to stop this Israeli aggression, which in 50 days caused the death of 2200 Palestinians, and seriously injured 12000, of them 90% civilians including children and babies. Yet I find it quite shameful to talk about a cease-fire as if the war in Gaza is between two equivalent powers and not between occupying power (Israel) and occupied people. This wrong perception makes me feel that the Israeli Palestinian conflict belongs to another planet and aliens law. The Israeli narrative needs to be read in its middle-eastern context.

Palestine and after 67 years has on Nov 2012 finally been issued with its birth certificate by the mother of nations (UN). The state of Palestine side by side with the state of Israel is the only internationally recognized solution to the Israeli Palestinian conflict. It is the moral duty of the International community to observe its laws and resolutions by exerting all possible pressures on Israel to end its occupation of the state of Palestine.

Mindful, of the fact that the acceptance of Israel as a member of the UN was conditioned by its recognition of the full implementation of the partition plan (resoultion181) calling for the establishment of the two states Israel and Palestine in historic Palestine. It is now the right time for the friends of Israel, to act for the sake of peace by calling on Israel to end its illegal military occupation of the state of Palestine as a civilized means to ensure a secure and peaceful life for the future Jewish, Christian and Muslim generations in holy land and the rest of the region.

Ambassador of Palestine

Article first appeared on 30.08.2014, Expresso


The Rules of the Conflict Need Change

Hikmat Ajjuri


We learnt from history that no power regardless of its brutality remained for ever. In fact disproportionality of brutality was the decisive factor that accelerates its end, exactly like the darkest hour of the night is that which precedes the dawn.

In order to avoid been left under the mercy of those brutal powers and their unlawful crimes against humanity, the UN was created with a charter endorsed by all purposefully to make everyone on this globe feel safe and secure where ever we are.

This process meant to replace civilization of power by power of civilization and was seen in its full exercise when countries such as Afghanistan, Iraq and former Yugoslavia have been destroyed in order to protect this UN concept and its charter in which all our values are written. Yet this process failed completely In the Holy Land and consequently culminated by the creation of a state (Israel) above the international law.

The inhumane killing of 6 million Jews in Europe at the hands of the Nazis during the 2nd world war was a reason behind the creation of the UN and its bolsters such as the 4th Geneva Convention and the International Humanitarian Law (IHL) which is also called the law of war.

IHL has two –fold purpose; to regulate the conduct of hostilities and to protect the victims of armed conflicts. In other words, this law very clearly forbids deliberately targeting civilians.

Israel, which was established by a UN nations´ resolution 181, soon after the holocaust, like all other countries, has the right to protect its citizens. Nevertheless, Israel as an occupying power is also obliged under international law and IHL, to protect the civilian persons under its occupation and to desist from harming them. Israel as it was delivered from the womb of the UN, should abide by the very rules of this organization. In an utter contradiction, to all UN principles, Israel, on the 7th of July and for more than a month, perpetrated one of its most brutal offensives against the people under its occupation.

In this context former American president, Carter, argued in his op-ed, “Protective Edge”, August 4 : “There is no humane or legal justification for the way the Israeli Defense Forces are conducting this war. Israeli bombs, missiles, and artillery have pulverized large parts of Gaza, including thousands of homes, schools, and hospitals. More than 250,000 people have been displaced from their homes in Gaza. Hundreds of Palestinian noncombatants have been killed. Much of Gaza has lost access to water and electricity completely. This is a humanitarian catastrophe,”(1800 -3 Palestinian and Israeli civilians respectively killed).

The fundamental problem in Israel/Palestine is never the tunnels or the Hamas missiles, but it is the Israeli military occupation of Palestinian territories, now the state of Palestine, since 1967. It is ten times as long as Germany occupied France during World War II. It is the longest and only remaining occupation on the face of our globe.

Israel, during those 47 years held world record of ignoring UN resolutions. It has annexed East Jerusalem and it has refused to comply with Security Council demands in Resolutions; 252, 267, 271, 298, 476 and 478, that it reverses this annexation.

Israel also continues to build Settlements on the occupied territories and transfer its settlers,

-600,000- illegally to these settlements all in an utter defiance of the International law. Based on this, the Security Council has demanded in many Resolutions that Israel cease settlement activities, but to no avail. Factually, Israel, on record is the only UN member state that has never observed any of the relevant UN resolutions, totalling approximately one hundred.

In conclusion, I dare to say that the ball of the conflict in the Holy Land is definitely in the International community´s court.

Israel, the occupying power, has been allowed consistently to ignore international law. While the occupied people (Palestinians) have been consistently called on to give up their internationally recognised right to resist oppressive occupation. Had these rules which are totally contradict the UN charter are set right, in accordance with the International law, a peaceful settlement would have been achieved in the Holy Land. As important, many innocent, Jewish, Christian and Muslim lives would have been saved and regional wars would have been prevented.

Ambassador of Palestine

First appeared on 15.08.2014, http://www.dn.pt/inicio/opiniao/interior.aspx?content_id=4079316&seccao=Convidados

Gaza to choose between quick and slow death

Hikmat Ajjuri


 Since 2006, four brutal offensives have been launched by Israel, the occupying power against the besieged Gaza strip, 1.8 Million people. Two out of every three of them are refugees, whom were forced to leave their homes in 1948, in order to make a room for the immigrant Jews to what now is known, Israel.

Israel as usual excels at provoking the Palestinians in order to earn a pretext to launch these offensives, which is an alleged self- defense, in an utter contrast to all laws of nature.

Israel, like any other country, has the right to protect its citizens, but as an occupying power, it is obliged under international law as described in Geneva Convention to protect the civilian persons under its occupation and to desist from harming them. Israel is a signatory of this Convention and should abide by the very rules it agreed to. In addition, to abide by the International Humanitarian Law (IHL) as well.

The, IHL, has two –fold purpose; to regulate the conduct of hostilities and to protect the victims of armed conflicts. In other words, this law very clearly forbids deliberately targeting civilians. Israel, the occupying power, has over the past twenty five days dropped over Gaza, 360 sq. Kilometer, the most populated area in the world (5000 people per 1 square km) nearly two million kgs. of explosives. This coupled with internationally illegal weapons, killed entirely 62 families, attacked UN schools that are used as air raid shelters, Destroyed power plant, hospitals and Ambulances and Medical technicians.

The immediate outcome is the killing of 1362 injuring 7600 nearly all civilians and made nearly 400,000 persons homeless. On the other hand, the Palestinian militants during the same period killed 3 Israeli civilians and 56 soldiers.

Amira Hass an Israeli Political analyst says in a piece published in the Haaretz Israeli news paper “Israel’s attack on Gaza is revenge for the Palestinians’ refusal to accept occupation”.

Added by saying “Say what you will about Hamas’ rocket fire, at least they managed to scratch the surface of Israel’s faith in the normalcy of its domination of another people”.

On the other hand, Hamas one out of 12 Palestinian faction does not recognize the state of Israel, a reason why the International community sympathizes with Israel against Hamas. in return, hardly any of more than 20 parties In Israel explicitly recognize the state of Palestine on the pre-1967 borders do recognize a sovereign Palestinian state.

Strangely enough, Israel is the only state on earth, which does not recognize the state of Israel because Israel the state refuses so far to define its borders. Israel is the only state in the world, which has no internationally recognized borders and no internationally recognized capital. Moreover, Israel is the only state that delegitimizes itself because its membership of the UN was conditioned by its endorsement of the full implementation of the partition plan.

This plan (resolution 181) which brought Israel into being ,passed in 1947, calls for the establishment of a Palestinian state side by side with the state of Israel in historic Palestine.

The exchanged recognition between Israel and the Palestinians or what is known as Oslo agreement was between the PLO and the Government of Israel. Hamas as other Israeli individual parties are not obliged to endorse this recognition.

Twenty years have elapsed since the PLO began negotiating with Israeli in order to materialize, the Oslo agreement into reality but to no avail. Simply because Netanyahu the Israeli Prime minister belongs to the same school of former Prime Minister, Shamir who said in 1993 that he would negotiate with the Palestinians for tens of years without giving them anything.

In conclusion, I reiterate that the inhumane blockade of Gaza over the past 7 years had destroyed the economy of Gaza and caused the death of more than 1500 Palestinian patients as they were deprived from accessing medical facilities and better treatment outside Gaza. This explains why a cease fire in Gaza without lifting the blockade means that the Palestinians in Gaza are forced to accept to die slowly by the tools of the Israeli blockade, instead of dying fast by the most sophisticated Israeli war machine as seen in the current inhumane Israeli offensive.

This offensive against Gaza is a genocide against all the Palestinians and accordingly the International community is lawfully obliged to interfere to protect its laws and in particular its International Humanitarian Law and to force a political solution conducive to the two states of Palestine and Israel.

Ambassador of Palestine

Article first appeared on 02.08.2014, Jornal de Notícias, also available: http://www.esquerda.net/dossier/gaza-entre-morte-lenta-ou-rapida/33668