Israeli Piracy
In addition to its ongoing colonization of the State of Palestine, including East Jerusalem, gross human rights violations, seizure and destruction of homes and properties, arrest and detention of thousands of civilians, and inhumane blockade on more than 1.8 million of our people in the Gaza Strip, Israel, ,the occupying Power, has now also resumed the theft of Palestinian tax revenues in direct retaliation for the legitimate, peaceful steps taken by the Palestinian leadership in the pursuit of justice and for the purpose of protecting the Palestinian people and advancing the realization of their rights, including to self-determination and freedom. The “withholding” of Palestinian tax revenues – funds collected on our behalf by Israel which they are obliged to transfer to the Palestinian government according to the economic protocol of Paris – constitutes a blatant act of theft and of collective punishment.  In this regard we wish to underscore that Israel charges 3% of the total revenue for its administrative work. We also wish to underscore that these tax revenues constitute the core of the budgetary funding for our governmental institutions including payment of salaries for civil servants, and thus completely undermine the effective functioning of institutions, including in terms of education, health, public safety and sanitation. Here, we must recall the obligation of the occupying Power, in accordance with the Fourth Geneva Convention to ensure the well-being of the civilian population under its occupation, an obligation that Israel is gravely breaching as it impedes and harms the wellbeing of the Palestinian civilian population through countless such illegal policies and actions. The announcement by the Israeli government that it is withholding tax revenues in response to Palestine’s recent rightful accession to several international conventions and treaties, including the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court (ICC), proves that this illegal, punitive action is also being taken in direct retaliation against our Government and against the Palestinian civilian population, in breach of International Humanitarian Law, which prohibits such reprisals. Moreover, we reiterate that such an action constitutes an act of piracy, for which Israel, the occupying Power, must be held accountable.

Abbas condemns Paris ‘terror’ attack
Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas condemned a “terror attack” on a Paris satirical magazine that left at least 12 dead.
The president said in a telegram addressed to French President Francois Hollande that Palestine “strongly condemned and deplored the heinous crime that is in contradiction of religion and morality.”
The president also offered “sincere condolences” to the French people and the families of the victims, as well his hope for a “speedy recovery” for the injured and “patience and strength” for their families.

Justice for victims
 ICC prosecutor Fatou Bensouda said her office would conduct an “analysis in full independence and impartiality” into alleged war crimes by Israel, including those committed during last year’s Gaza offensive. Human Rights group Amnesty International welcomed the ICC’s announcement saying it “could pave the way for thousands of victims of crimes under international law to gain access to justice.” According to Haaretz News Paper, 19/1/2015, “Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has decided to launch a media campaign directed against the International Criminal Court in The Hague and its Prosecutor Fatou Bensouda, according to sources at the Prime Minister’s office. Over the week end Bensouda announced that the court would begin a preliminary investigation of the “situation in Palestine”. Palestinian membership in the court only takes effect on April 1 but the Palestinians requested the invoking of article 12.3. Under this clause a non-member state can request that the Court’s authority be provided for specific cases pertaining to that state. The Palestinians asked the Court to extend its authority to the Gaza Strip, the West Bank and East Jerusalem starting on June 13. A senior official at the Prime Minister’s bureau said that a decision was made to take action to foil the Court Prosecutor’s decision to launch the preliminary investigation”.

The politician who does not apologize and defends the death of Arabs
On the 17th of March Israelis will go to the polls to choose their new representatives and government. There are campaigns to suit all tastes. Such as the one of Naftali Bennett (from Habayit Hayehudi party, Jewish Home, far-right wing). Bennett is (…) a politician who refuses to apologize, and considers that Israel did no wrong and so, doesn’t have to apologize. More: Bennett, who was born in Haifa on the 25th of March 1972, doesn’t conceal his racist views. “You can’t teach a monkey to speak and you can’t teach an Arab to be democratic” said in an interview with The New Yorker. In a discussion with an Arab deputy, he said: “When you were still swinging in the trees, we already had a Jewish state” “I already killed lots of Arabs in my life, and there is absloutly no problem with that” is another famous sentence of Bennett. (…).Bennetts is the Minister of Economy, of Religious Services, of Jerusalem and Diaspora Affairs. These positions have significant weight and importance in political and social life of Israel. Today, Bennett is seen with suspicion by the right, who is concerned with the politics he advocates for Israel and which many consider dangerous. He defends of the annexation of the entire West Bank, the enlargement of the Jewish settlement and refuses the two-state solution as a way to end the Arab-Israeli conflict; Bennett ignores completely the views of the USA, the European Union and the international community. More: When he is alerted about that, he simply shrugs his shoulders and says that the world will get used to this situation.
Source: (on record this alleged politician is responsible for the Qana massacre in 1996 in Lebanon 104 women and children killed in air-raid shelter)

Security Council’s Paradox
Regrettably, the Security Council as a whole was unable on the 30th of December, to rise to the occasion, to uphold its duties towards world peace and security to resolve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and forge a credible path for peace. Despite the situation is acknowledged by all to be completely unsustainable and to constitute a threat to peace and security in the Middle East and globally. In the occupied East Jerusalem, tensions are raging as Israeli violations and crimes push the situation to a precipice. Israel’s continued settlement colonization altering the City’s demography and character and further surrounding and isolating it; heavy-handed raids and repression of the Palestinian civilian population; vicious Israeli settlers, who continue to harass and assault Palestinians and seize Palestinian homes, with full backing of the Israeli Government.; and ongoing provocations and incitement by Israeli politicians and religious leaders, along with other Jewish extremists, who continue to raid and defile holy sites. In the rest of the West Bank, Israel also continues its illegal settlement activities in a grave breach of the Fourth Geneva Convention and in flagrant contempt of the global demands to stop this illegal campaign, Israel doing the exact opposite. In the Gaza Strip, the humanitarian disaster willfully and wantonly inflicted by Israel, the occupying Power last summer and its continued illegal blockade of Gaza with all it repercussions causing an unimaginable suffering of the Palestinian civilian population.

Australia’s UN vote on Palestine does a disservice to all sides, including Israelis
More Australians winced than applauded when they learned of their country’s very last vote at the end of its two year term on the Security Council. On 29 December Australia was one of only two nations to vote against a Jordanian draft resolution designed to hasten a two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian dispute. Once again the conservative side of Australian politics was delivering what the pro-Israel lobby in Australia wanted, ignoring majority Australian opinion and the views of more liberal Jewish Australians. Ignoring as well, the national interests of Australia, the increasingly dire conditions of Palestinians and – a case easily made – the enduring interests of Israel itself. That is, the long term security interests of Israel as opposed to the expectations of its current ethno-nationalist leadership. Australia was ignoring the prospect Israel will end up as a “Greater Israel” governing 5 million Arabs with inferior legal status to Israelis – and be isolated and condemned as a result. It was a lousy way to wrap up a two year term on the Security Council, given the intense competition to win the seat. The draft resolution tabled by Jordan was unexceptional in terms of 25 years of work on Israeli- Palestinian peace. It called for a settlement on pre-1967 lines. It declared East Jerusalem capital of the Palestinian state within three years. It called for security arrangements, thus meeting the long term western commitment to security guarantees for Israel. These would include a “third party presence”; that is, western peacekeepers. It thus captured the recent Palestinian concession that there should be western peacekeepers within the territory of their putative state. And Australia voted that down.

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Long live France

Hikmat Ajjuri
Charlie Hebdo´s massacre on the 7th of January 15, was by all means an unjustified evil act against French journalists, because of their creativity and open minds , all encouraged by the constitution of their free country, France. This constitution has no doubts contributed tremendously to the advancement of our civilized world in every sense. All belong to this constitution; including Kowashi brothers and Charlie, are equal before the French law.
Kowashi brothers, killed Charlie´s 12 journalists in the name of a different law which is part of the constitution, of the dark forces , which no doubts is contributing tremendously to the regression of our civilized world.
Neither decent human´s made constitutions nor God made constitution allows the killing of innocent, let alone creative individuals.
Holy Quran in this context explicitly says that killing one innocent life is equivalent to killing all people, while saving one life is equivalent to saving them all.
The perpetrators of the two tragedies; Charlie Hebdo and the Jewish kosher store in Paris have in fact caused a more painful and damages against the real Islam, its values and all those who believe in this religion.
The constitution of the dark forces allows the killing of all those who do not abide by it, including Muslims. The number of Muslims killed so far at the hands of the dark forces allegedly in the name OF Islam are hundreds times more than the non- Muslims.
I and all with any sense of humanity whether we like or not the Charlie Hebdo´s art, do in the strongest possible terms condemn not only these terrorist attacks in Paris but also this whole terrorist ideology stemmed from this earlier mentioned constitution, which is wrongly and un fairly linked to Islam.

Ambassador of Palestine

Article first appeared on 19.01.2015,

The shameful vote of the Security Council


Israeli leaders will do everything to prevent any UN effort to provide a peaceful solution in the Holy Land.

Emb Hikmat Ajjuri_FOTOGRAFIA

The day December 30, 2014 was marked by yet another failure of the UN Security Council to defend its responsibilities in maintaining world peace and security, by voting against the Arab-Palestinian proposal, contained in a peaceful solution to decades conflict between Israelis and Palestinians. This vote is undoubtedly a victory for radicalism and a defeat for moderation in general, for all those who want peace in the Holy Land in particular.

Since the signing of the Oslo Agreement in 1993 – when the Palestinians have adopted the diplomatic struggle instead of armed – that peace seekers are facing two types of obstacles; the US and the Zionist monopoly racial ideology.

It’s no secret that the US foreign policy on the Middle East is extremely influenced by lobby Zionist. Ironically, US leaders find this shameful reality only after finishing their terms in the White House. Former Presidents Carter and Clinton as written books, articles and made ​​statements blaming the Israeli leadership by the stoppage of peace and the perpetuity of extremism in the region. However, the current US administration was the most critical of Israeli practices wrong. Still, his last vote for Israel reflects the influence of lobby Zionist.

On the other hand, the absence of the Israeli ambassador to the Security Council vote is not only an arrogant attitude, but more a sign that Zionist influence. In the Israeli front, peace is challenged by unjustified culture of fear within this society, created for his leadership, to serve the global Zionist ideology of distrust of others (not all Jews).

In this context, Netanyahu has spent billions of dollars on advertising to defame Iran’s nuclear program, purposely to strengthen this culture of fear among the Israelites and also to support the Israeli military and nuclear superiority in the region, to contain all their neighbours. This contradictory culture of power and fear in Israel explains why two-thirds of Israelis do not want to Netanyahu. However, the more likely it is that he is the next prime minister. This contradiction thus annulling a realistic peaceful and offers a thriving environment for radicalism in the region.

Thus, Israeli leaders will do everything to prevent any UN effort to provide a peaceful solution in the Holy Land, because Israel owes the United Nations a debt that can not repay, Resolution 194, calling for the right of return for all Palestinian forced to leave their homes in the territory today called Israel, and the United Nations Resolution 181, which led Israel to exist in 56% of historic Palestine and not 78%, as in the present.

The intention, unreported, Israel is to maintain the status quo today, a profitable occupation.

United States of America have not only lost their credibility as leaders of the free world with his vote against that proposal – which obviously replaced a veto that was not necessary, since only eight members voted in favor – but also became Israel’s accomplices in all its illegal practices and atrocities against Palestinians under military occupation, given that all vetoed articles of the proposal are consistent with international law, UN resolutions and the US policy declared. The former Secretary of the US State Dean Acheson says: “The UN charter was a condensed version of the philosophy of American politics.” So with this veto, which have not yet used, it becomes clear that the United States act against their own principles, marking the darkest moment of this American Zionist time.

No doubt, before all this mess, is the right time for the European Union – with all its power and its deeply rooted values ​​- fill the global leadership vacuum, for a tomorrow more just and humane for all.

Ambassador of Palestine

Article first appeared on 10.01.2015,


Header photo: Samantha Power, the US ambassador to the United Nations, right, votes during a meeting of the UN Security Council Tuesday, December 30, 2014 (Photo credit: Frank Franklin II/AP)