Statement by PLO Secretary General Dr. Saeb Erekat on the attack against Ibrahim Dawabsheh’ Home in Duma this morning

The people of Duma are reeling this morning following the latest terrorist attack against Duma resident, Ibrahim Dawabsheh, the sole surviving witness of last July’s terrorist attack which left three members of the Dawabsheh family dead as a result of arson, including 18-month-old Ali. 

Ibrahim Dawabsheh and his wife were rushed to a hospital in Nablus following smoke inhalation as a result of their home being lit on fire in the early morning hours on Sunday.

We hold the Israeli Government fully responsible for the crimes in Duma. Israel has yet to convict those responsible for the murders of Saad, Reham, and Ali Dawabsheh, instead choosing to send violent murderers back to the illegal settlements where they live, and place them under house arrest. This has become common practice by the Israeli government, as was the case in the 2014 gruesome murder of 16-year-old Mohammed Abu Khdeir, whose murderers were held under house arrest or in a mental facility, with little or no security supervision.

Israel’s disregard for the gravity of these atrocious crimes reflects both the Israeli culture of impunity and the international community’s free license granted to Israel to systematically disregard international law.  The Israeli prolonged belligerent occupation, colonization, and transfer 650,000 Israeli citizens into the occupied State of Palestine is part of a comprehensive system of continued oppression and subjugation perpetuated by the international community.

While we wait for another sham investigation to determine the source of this morning’s attack on another civilian family in Duma, we invite the international community to ensure that Israel upholds its obligations as the occupying power to provide security and protection for the Palestinian civilian population it occupies. We reiterate our calls for international protection and an immediate international intervention in order to end the Israeli occupation and achieve the long overdue inalienable rights of the Palestinian people.

Justice is The Only Lethal Weapon to Defeat Terrorism


Hikmat Ajjuri

The latest leaked documents from DAESH and its recruitment of youth from 50 countries, 30% of them come from 3 of the most powerful European countries, should alarm us all.
A terrorist organization such as DAESH, using Islam, a monotheistic religion, as a cover for all of its evil acts to brainwash and recruit youth from fifty countries, can´t be defeated by militarism only. In fact the military reaction with all kinds of weapons of alliance from 60 countries, against terrorism are perpetuating the war by unintentionally nourishing the DAESH process of washing the brains of the vulnerable youth. These youth where ever come from, suffer for sure from whether ignored grievances or different kinds of injustices social, financial, political or else.
Recruits who leave European affluent living standard to go to kill and get killed with no pressure from anyone except their will and wrong convictions, can´t be defeated by any kind of militarism including all weapons of mass destruction.
The gruesome images shown on TV space channels, came and still are coming from all battle fields are disgusting, simply because of their inhumane nature.
The difference between mankind and animal-kind is the element of humanity which is a pivotal and integral component of every human being. The duty of all is to make sure that humanity prevails and not a single human being is deprived from it, no matter what the pretexts are, whether, political, greed, glory and even insanity.
In this regard, for example, killing a Palestinian youth by more than 40 live bullets- allegedly carrying a knife -at a distance of 100 meters and killing a Palestinian child sometimes at zero point, only to deter his mates by the Israeli soldiers is definitely inhuman act, at the hands of a human being. Ironically, these Palestinian victims are becoming the murderers of those who condemned them to appease the actual criminal. This condemnation by itself, serves the interest of the recruiting terrorist agencies such as DAESH. Bearing in mind that Israel is the occupying power and Palestine and the Palestinians are the occupied. This irresponsible policy by certain western politicians is what provoked and attracted the attention of the concerned youth, in particular those who were born in European democracies and fed by their milk of equality and human rights.
Democratic forces joining and allying with dictatorships regardless of the nature of this alliance equates democracies with dictators and not the other way around.
Amazingly America, the supposedly guardian of world freedom and democracy, has destroyed countries to protect the UN and its resolutions. While on the other hand, America has so far destroyed the UN resolutions to protect one country which is Israel.
This confusion which is equated to political schizophrenia raises a question of whether this school of thoughts means all of America or it is just the political administration which is entrusted by the whole world to be in charge of the Israeli Palestinian conflict.
An American Rabbi, during the American Vietnam war, said in a “Democracy when few are guilty all are responsible” and a former American secretary told us, in his memoirs that the UN constitution is “a condensed version of the American constitution”.
I in this context dare to say that these American inspiring thoughts should oblige the Americans to observe their values by matching their words with their deeds. Because it is only then, that the question that was once raised by former president Bush junior “Why they hate us”, becomes legitimate.
But until this puzzle is enlighten, Europe, the old continent and the resource of human values is obliged to step in, but this time with all of its political power which is stemmed from its economic, cultural, scientific and more importantly its geopolitical powers.
The real challenge facing Europe in this context and at this stage is its full recognition of the state of Palestine as a means to dry up human resources and convince the thousands of brain washed youth that they are on the wrong.

Article first appeared on 16.03.2016:

Brief report on Life under the Israeli occupation February – March

The Palestinian Ministry of Health has documented that since the beginning of October 2015 the Israeli occupying forces have now killed at least 185 Palestinians, including 41 children and 8 women and have injured more than 15,200 Palestinians, many who will have to live the rest of their lives with long-term and irreparable trauma as well as permanent disabilities.

Below are just some of the innumerable crimes perpetrated by Israel, the occupying Power, in the Occupied Palestinian Territory, including East Jerusalem, in the last month:

25 February 2016:

• A Palestinian child, Suhayb Saqir, age 5, was killed and his brother

Musab, age 6, was seriously injured after unexploded lsraeli ordnance detonated in the Jabaliya area of the northern Gaza Strip.

26 February 2016:

• A Palestinian boy, Mahmoud Mohammed Ali Sha’lan, age 17 and from the village of Deir Dibwan, was shot dead by Israeli occupying forces near the illegal settlement of “Beit El”, north of Ramallah. The boy, who is also an American citizen, was shot with several rounds of Jive ammunition and left to bleed to death, a cruel fate many young Palestinians have suffered in such brutal attacks by occupying forces.

27 February 2016:

• Israeli navy boats opened tire on Palestinian fishermen’s boats, which were sailing within the Israeli-imposed six-nautical-mile fishing zone offshore the northwest of Gaza City.

• Israeli occupying forces opened tire at Palestinian farmers and homes along the Gaza border.

• A group of illegal settlers rampaged the agricultural lands of Yusuf village near Salfit, under the protection of occupying forces who tired rubber coated steel bullets and tear gas grenades towards Palestinians who were attempting to prevent attack by settlers.

28 February 2016:

• Israeli occupying forces detained at least 1O Palestinians, including two brothers, both children, from across the West Bank, including East Jerusalem.

• Israeli navy boats and occupying forces opened tire on Palestinian fishermen and farmers offshore the northern Gaza Strip.

• Israeli settlers resumed their provocative visits to Al-Aqsa Mosque compound in Occupied East Jerusalem, provoking tension with Muslim worshipers.

• Occupying forces shot and seriously injured a Palestinian child, Yazan Omar Salah (age 16) with a live bullet to his chest, and a medical doctor, Hisham Atwan (age 45), in the village of AI¬Khader, south of Bethlehem.

• A Palestinian farmer attempting to reach his farm in Gaza was injured when occupying forces opened tire at him.

29 February 2016:

• Israeli occupying forces detained 27 Palestinians, including a two-year-old toddler, during predawn raids in the West Bank.

• Occupying forces demolished residential structures and tents sheltering Palestinian Bedouin families in the village of Al-Farisiya, in northern Jordan Valley.

• Israeli naval boats attacked Palestinian fishermen sailing within the Israeli-imposed six-nautical mile fishing zone offshore Gaza.

• Occupying forces attacked and detained 9 Palestinian fishermen on fishing boats offshore Gaza.

• Occupying forces shot and injured a Palestinian east of Beit Hanoun in the northern Gaza Strip.

1 March 2016:

• ln a violent pre-dawn raid, Israeli occupying forces entered Qalandia refugee camp to the north of East Jerusalem and opened fire at Palestinian civilians, killing Iyad Omar Sajdyeh (age 22) by sniper tire and injuring 1O others, including a child.

• Occupying forces detained 16 Palestinians including a minor, from the West Bank.

• A group of terrorist settlers attacked and injured Ayman Bin Shamseh near the town of Surif to the south of Nablus. Settlers also brutally attacked and injured Mahmoud Suleiman Awad Rizeq from Askar refugee camp in Nablus.

• Occupying forces attacked and opened live fire on Palestinian fishermen offshore Gaza as well as farmers tending to their land in Gaza.

• Occupying forces demolished the family house of Yousef Abed Simrin, citing “unlicensed building” as a pretext. Yousef and his wife have seven children, ranging from 3 to 20, and are now displaced and homeless.

• Occupying forces brutally assaulted a Palestinian youth, Aliam Shaer, after raiding his house in the town of Arraba, southwest of Jenin.

2 March 2016:

• Israeli occupying forces continued the widespread demolition of Palestinian properties. This included the demolition of dozens of structures in the village of Khirbet Tana, northeast of Nablus, including houses, bams, and the village’s sole school, which is a building consisting of movable caravans donated by a European organization. The school was attended by 26 local children from grade 1 to grade 4.

• Occupying forces served demolition orders to Palestinian families in Khallet AI-Mayyeh, a small village south of Al-Kbalil under the pretext of “construction without an Israeli permit.”

• Occupying forces detained 30 Palestinians and summoned five others from the West Bank.

• Occupying forces demolished the house of Khalil Ali, in Shuwekeh, an outskirt of the city of Tulkarm in the West Bank, under the pretext of “construction without an Israeli permit”.

• Two Palestinian teenagers, Labib Khaldoon Anwar Azzam (age 17) and Mohammed Hisham Ali Zaghlawan (age 17) were killed by occupying forces near the illegal settlement of “Eli” south of Nablus.

ln addition to the above, we must highlight that Palestinian children continue to be arrested and detained by Israeli occupying forces on a near daily basis and are being subjected to harsh and cruel treatment, including beatings, forced interrogations and even torture, causing physical and psychological trauma to these innocent children and to their families. Just one example of this took place on Monday 1 March 2016 when Israeli occupying forces dressed in full army gear with only their eyes uncovered broke into a Palestinian home in the Occupied East Jerusalem neighborhood of Issawiya at 2:00 am in the morning. The occupying forces violently forced themselves into the home to arrest a young boy age 16, for alleged stone throwing. The soldiers forcibly woke the entire family up in a state of fear and proceeded to throw the 16-year-old boy to the ground, leaving him handcuffed for three hours. His father and mother who were trying to prevent the occupying forces from taking their young son, were hit and also shoved to the floor and the two-year old little brother even suffered from pepper spray to his eyes before he too was taken with the parents into captivity and detained for nearly four hours. On this scare topic, it should be noted that on Wednesday 2 March 201 6, a Palestinian boy, Jihad Al-Jaabari, age 14, from Jerusalem was sentenced by the occupying Power to 18 months in prison for allegedly throwing stones. The occupying Power with its scare tactics and harsh and unjustified sentencing of young children along with its sheer brutality against Palestinian children, must be firmly condemned for such illegal and cruel treatment of children in violation of all international and moral norms. There are currently approximately 450 Palestinian children detained in Israeli jails.

The Convention on the Rights of the Child and other international legal standards are clear when it comes to the issue of imprisonment and detentions of children in that the arrest, detention and imprisonment of a child should only be used as a measure of last resort and for the shortest period of time, not in the systematic, gross manner used by Israel against Palestinian children under this belligerent, illegal military occupation that has been torturing and brutalizing Palestinians for nearly a half century, scarring generation after generation.

ln February 2016 alone at least 616 Palestinians, including 140 children, and 18 women, were arrested or detained by the occupying Power. That adds to the over 4, 120 Palestinians that have been detained by Israeli occupying forces in these few months since the onset of this Latest Israeli aggression in early October 2015.



On September 22 nd 2015, Palestinian teenager Hadeel Hashlamon, 18 years old, was executed atan Israeli checkpoint inside the occupied city of Hebron. Her killing was justified by the Israeli regime at the same time that the killers of the Dawabsheh family, in Duma village on July 31st 2015, would not be caught by the occupying power. Daily settler attacks and military raids, in addition to forcible displacement of Palestinian population, siege and settlement  construction, as documented in this report, are the daily reality of the Palestinian people living under Israel’s belligerent occupation.
Incitement from the Israeli government, and its clear policies to annihilate any political horizon by destroying the two-state solution, have continued as official policies from Israel, the occupying power. Lack of action from the international community, in order to both protect the Palestinian people and hold Israel accountable for its systematic violations against Palestinian national and human rights, is the very message that continue to be sent to the Palestinian street. This reports is a brief summary of Israeli violations that have taken place during the past five months, between September 13th 2015 and March 01st 2016.