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Mayor of Bethlehem visits Lisbon

Mayor of Municipality of Bethlehem Adv. Anton Salman visited Lisbon. The Mayor participated in the 2nd UfM Energy and Climate Business Forum: Supporting local authorities in their efforts towards the energy transition held  in Lisbon on 18 July 2019. The Forum was organized by The Secretariat of the Union for the Mediterranean.

Also, the Mayor of Bethlehem offered a sculpture of Saint  Anthony Carved in Olive Wood to the city of Lisbon, the gift was received by the Mayor of Lisbon Fenando Medina, who also offered a gift to the Mayor.



Seixal Summer Camp

A group of 22 young Palestinians, between the age of 12 and 16 were in Seixal in José Afonso School, for a holiday with many activities.
The Summer Camp is an initiative of the Municipality of Seixal with the Diplomatic Mission of Palestine in Portugal and the support of several entities and organizations such as: a Casa Árabe, Seixal Clube 1925 e Associação Rato.

This initiative believes that interaction between young people has an important role in strengthening ties of friendship, peace and cooperation, providing a unique opportunity for learning and opening horizons for children who suffer from a scenario of daily violence and war.

Minister Dr. Malki receives a copy of the credentials of the new President of the Representative Office of the Republic of Portugal accredited to the State of Palestine

H.E. Dr. Riad Malki, Minister of Foreign Affairs and expatriates, received a copy of the credentials of the new President of the Office of representative of the Portuguese Republic accredited to the State of Palestine, Mr., Fernando Demée De Brito on Tuesday at the ministry’s headquarters in Ramallah.

Minister Malki welcomed  Mr. Fernando Demée De Brito and praised  the mutual efforts in building the historical relationship between the two countries, stressing the need to follow up and hold a new round of political consultations as well as the follow-up of the joint committees between the two countries, which is a significant reflection on the development of bilateral relations And strengthen the areas of cooperation between the two countries in all fields.

Mr. Fernando Demée De Brito in  in his turn, stressed his country’s firm position in support of the Palestinian state’s right to statehood, stressing the need to strengthen bilateral relations between the two countries and to develop cooperation in the health, trade and education sectors.

At the end of the meeting, Malki wished Mr. Fernando Demée De Brito success in his new duties to the State of Palestine, noting that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and expatriates in all its sectors are fully prepared to cooperate in order to facilitate his new tasks, in the interest of developing and strengthening bilateral relations between the two sides.

Software for collaborative robots created by Palestinian researcher in Coimbra

The robot developed in a laboratory of the University of Coimbra is already being used in BMW and other universities.

A new software for collaborative robots KUKA (“one of the world leaders in robotics”), developed at the University of Coimbra, is already being used in companies and universities around the world.
The new software – “the first interface in MATLAB” – for collaborative robots KUKA, which was developed in the Laboratory of Collaborative Robotics of the Faculty of Sciences and Technology of the University of Coimbra (FCTUC), “is already being used in large companies, as is the case of the BMW group in Germany, and in several universities around the world, “says the FCTUC, in a note sent to the Lusa agency.
KUKA Industrial Robots is one of the world leaders in the manufacturing of industrial robots and automation systems.
The Kuka Sunrise Toolbox, named by the authors, is a “free license software and has more than 100 functionalities, allowing, for example, control of robot movements and precision manual guidance,” says FCTUC.
“Mathematics features and advanced algorithms are also available, particularly for use in research papers,” adds the faculty.
Mohammad Safeea, the principal investigator of this project, whose results were published in the IEEE Robotics & Automation Magazine, explains that “this software allows a user with basic knowledge in robotics can in a few hours be the operate a robot, not needing advanced knowledge and great adaptation times to the equipment “.
“It is good to know that this work of more than two years is creating a positive impact on society,” Mohammad Safeea, quoted by FCTUC, as saying.


Meeting Municipalities for Peace

The Diplomatic Mission of Palestine participated in the meeting of the Portuguese Municipalities For Peace. This meeting was organized by the Municipality of Seixal, after the visit of the portuguese municipalities to Palestine, and was held on the 12th of June with the participation of many municipalities and organizations of solidarity with Palestine.

71 Years of Nakba

The commemorations of 71 Years of Nakba, took place on the 15th May 2019, in Casa do Alentejo, and was organized by the MPPM.


Nabil Abuznaid | Ambassador of Palestine
Deolinda Machado | LOC-MTC and CGTP-IN
Jorge Cadima | MPPM
Solidarity culture:
Francisco Fanhais | Singer and author
Achada’s Choir

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Deal of the Century?

Article in Sol Newspaper

By João Campos Rodrigues


While the BDS calls for a boycott of the Eurovision festival, in Tel Aviv, Trump’s plan
for the conflict between Israel and Palestine includes the annexation of settlements in the West Bank.

For months, the President of the United States, Donald Trump, is speaking of the “Deal of the century”, a supposed agreement to put an end to conflict between Israel and Palestine.

Washington indicated that the deal would be disclosed at the beginning of June after  Ramadan . However, this week the Isreal Hayon newspaper said it had access to main points of the proposal, from documents of the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The revealed points are the same as the intentions of the first Israeli minister, Benjamin
Netanyahu, who promised the annexations of  Israeli settlements in West Bank. The disclosed agreement says that these “will remain in the hands of Israel “- with prospect of growing within the isolated areas between settlements. Netanyahu has already told the Ysrael Hayom newspaper that their conditions were that: ‘No settler leaves, Israel in control of the territory west of the Jordan river and no division of Jerusalem “. All of them
are in the agreement.

“The annexation of the settlements means the legalization of the occupation.” said Nabil Abuznaid, Ambassador of Palestine to Portugal. The ambassador confirms that the
Palestinian Authority did not have access to the document and was only informed through the media. But taking into account what has been disclosed, Abuznaid, has no doubts
that the proposal is one of the ‘Biased agreement’, that “will only bring more suffering to
Palestinians’. The ambassador said that despite the promises of Netanyahu, “nothing was ever done to annex settlements”, but that perhaps the prime minister will be “encouraged to do so due to the new agreement”.

The ambassador of Palestine does not trust Trump’s ability to act as mediator, noting how he “Cut off all American humanitarian aid to the Palestinian”. “Does it seem to you that there may be a fair deal?”Abuznaid asks, emphasizing that many of Trump’s closest advisers are “mostly right-wing Jews, not even liberal Jews, represent the right-wing Israeli population.”

Trump’s muscular approach to international diplomacy is clear in the “deal of the century,” promising to cancel all support to both sides if they disagree with the measures – noting in particular that in the Palestinian case he “will not allow any country in the world to transfer money for them. ”
Abuznaid assured that there is no chance that the Palestinian Authority accepts these conditions. If Trump meets the threats, the ambassador has doubts about the future. “Palestine will survive and I believe it will win in the end. But as for the Palestinian Authority, whether it will collapse or not, that’s a different story. ”
The Israeli-Palestinian conflict is the reason for the calls for Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS), a movement which asked Conan Osiris not to go to Tel Aviv to represent Portugal in Eurovision – even through a letter from Roger Waters. Contacted by SOL, Esther Mucznik, a specialist in Jewish culture, called the boycott “an absurdity,” stating that harassing Israeli artists “is to harass the critical conscience of Israel, silence a critical voice.”
Questioned about the fact that the artist who won the Israeli victory, Netta Barzilai, sang in the Israeli navy band – accused of war crimes by the Palestinians – Mucznik assures that “she is free to sing for whomever she wants”, stressing that the Eurovision will be in Tel Aviv, “the most democratic, liveliest, most creative city.” Ben White, a member of the BDS, said in an interview that culture plays an important role in the “propaganda battles” of the Israeli state, and that “gastronomy, music or nightlife in Tel Aviv are part of the so-called rebranding of Israel ‘.

Palestinian Prisoner’s Day

The Fourth Geneva Convention obliges Israel, as an occupying power, to provide allowances for Palestinian detainees, as enshrined in Articles 98 and 81 of the Fourth Geneva Convention. Israel does not honor this obligation. Instead, Israel is punishing the Palestinian government for providing allowances to the families of Palestinian prisoners by pirating Palestinian tax revenues.

This factsheet offers the latest facts, figures, and statistics about Palestinian prisoners as well as information about what international law stipulates regarding the rights of prisoners and the obligations of Israel, as an occupying power, towards them.


Read the full report HERE