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Consular Services

Documents issued in the Republic of Portugal that need to be used in Palestine must be legalized by the Portuguese Foreign ministry then authenticated by the Diplomatic mission of Palestine (DMOP). Such documents include:

    • Birth certificates
    • Marriage certificates
    • Divorce certificates
    • Educational certificates from schools and universities
    • Power of Attorney

Fees for all the above documents are 20 Euros per document

Fees for all commercial documents are 80 Euros per document.

Documents issued in Palestine that need to be used in Portugal must be legalized by the Palestinian Ministry of Foreign Affairs then authenticated by the Portuguese representative office in Palestine.

According to the Oslo agreement between Israel and PLO, the Palestinian Embassies and Missions abroad do not have the authority to issue passports neither do renew, extend or amend any kind of passports issued by the Palestinian Authority. However, DMOP will advise and facilitate this process for applicants.

Foreign nationals who are required a visa to travel to Israel and would like to visit the state of Palestine (the west Bank, East Jerusalem and Gaza), which is under the Israeli occupation, must contact the Israeli embassy in Lisbon for this purpose due to the fact that the Palestinian National Authority does not have the control over its own border crossing.

Gaza Strip Border Crossing:
Those who intend to travel to Gaza Strip through Rafah Border Crossing must contact the Egyptian embassy in Lisbon to obtain the Egyptian Authority‘s consent before planning their trip.

Power Of Attorney
Wakalah – made to a nominated person in Palestine to deal with personal matters such as divorces, marriages, financial issues, renewal, and issuing of passports or land selling can be arranged at the DMOP. The applicant needs to attend the consular section at the DMOP offices with his original identification documents and the name of his nominee.
Powers of Attorney concerning land matters such purchase or sale are currently subject to strict regulations.

Fees are payable by cash or bank transfer.

Consular services are available between 10:00 – 15.00 Monday to Friday.
To ensure rapid processing of all your documents it is advisable to arrange an appointment with the consular section through


Tel: + 351213621098
Fax: +351213621095