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‘There will be no land left’

João Campos Rodrigues

SOL Newspaper



Netanyahu speaks of a “unique opportunity” to annex the Jordan Valley – “a serious violation of international law,” warned Antonio Guterres.


Next week Israel is voting for the second time in less than six months after Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu failed to set up a governing coalition. Negotiations were not facilitated by Israeli prosecutor Avichai Mandelblit preparing to move forward with several charges of corruption against Netanyahu – while his critics accused him of wanting a majority to grant immunity to himself. The campaign was further heated by Netanyahu’s pledge to annex the Jordan Valley in the West Bank. This would constitute “a serious violation of international law,” according to UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres.

About 2.5 million Palestinians live in the West Bank, an area occupied by Israel since 1967. About 400,000 Israelis live in the region, in fortified settlements, considered illegal by the UN. The Jordan Valley region represents about 30% of the West Bank, and it is where, under the Oslo peace accords – ratified by both sides in the early 1990s – a Palestinian state would be built.
«They are trying to legalize the occupation with annexation. They want to say ‘This [Jordan Valley] is part of Israel, it’s not occupied territories,’” Palestinian Ambassador Nabil Abuznaid told the SOL. “There will be no land left for peace and for a Palestinian state. It’s the end”. The Palestinian Authority representative – as it is in the Oslo Accords – assures that if Netanyahu’s plan goes ahead, and the passivity of the rest of the world continues, it will “destroy any faith in international law and the international community.”

If the Palestinians’ hope of having their own state is destroyed “it will be replaced by people who do not see the light at the end of the tunnel, who see violence as the only way,” warns Abuznaid – who fears “a new cycle of violence” with Netanyahu’s plan. “I don’t know how we will convince the ordinary Palestinians to accept Oslo, to accept the situation as it is,” he says.

However, many have lost faith long ago. «The whole world is supporting him [Netanyahu]. What can the Palestinians do? ‘Asked Hussein Atiayat, a 65-year-old Palestinian heard by The Guardian. Atiayat lives in the Jordan Valley, and like so many of his neighbors is a refugee, expelled by Israeli soldiers from his home village decades ago.

If Netanyahu gets what he wants, Atiyat village, Auja, will be part of a narrow strip of territory around Jericho, surrounded by Israeli territory (see photo). “We will be locked in our village,” Atiyat predicts. “Life will be miserable.”

‘Strategic importance’            
Should the annexation of the Jordan Valley materialize beyond Jericho, the entire West Bank will be surrounded by Israel. “People will be under siege,” says the Palestinian ambassador, explaining that “Jordan would lose its historic border with Palestine.” Something that would allow Israel to control even more directly the access of people and goods to the West Bank, as is the case with Gaza.

“Israel is a very narrow country and the Jordan Valley is the last line of defense against powerful Arab countries,” Israeli ambassador to Portugal Raphael Gamzou tells SOL. “I suggest you look at the statements made in the context of the election campaign,” he added, considering that the Jordan Valley “is of strategic importance to Israel” and “there is consensus on this importance among most [Israeli] political parties.”

On the right, Netanyahu’s proposal found enthusiastic support. In the center, his main opponents of the Blue and White coalition, led by Benny Gantz, rushed to say that the idea had even been theirs after all. “The Jordan Valley is part of Israel forever,” reads a statement from the centrists quoted by Time magazine – in which the prime minister is congratulated for “changing his mind and adopting the Blue and White coalition plan.”


Natural resources
While the Israeli ambassador sees the importance of the Jordan Valley above all in terms of the security of his country, the Palestinian ambassador stresses that this “is an important region for agriculture, for Israeli settlers – and serves [Netanyahu] to win votes”.

Many Palestinians complain that these resources are already in Israel’s hands. “We face ongoing challenges, particularly in accessing and maintaining our wells to irrigate our crops,” Al Jazira Hussein Saida, a Palestinian farmer from the Jericho region, said: “Our wells are indeed under Israeli control ‘.

However, while trying to legalize his control of the territory, Netanyahu also promised “not to annex a single Palestinian”. That is, the Palestinians will continue to live under the tutelage of a country of which they are not citizens, governed by an executive that they have not voted for. “The Palestinians cannot be on both sides,” replies the Israeli ambassador, questioned on the issue. Gamzou underlines that it is not coherent for the Palestinians “not to get involved in the peace process, to reject everything a priori and to seek the status of full citizens”.

‘Unique opportunity’
When the Israeli ambassador accuses the Palestinian authorities of “rejecting everything a priori”, one of the things he refers to is the much-talked-about peace deal for the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, promised by US President Donald Trump – considered one of the presidents closest to Israel in recent decades.

Trump called it the “deal of the century” – but his project was immediately rejected by Palestinian leaders after drafts were known through the media. The idea of ​​the White House would be for economic incentives – in the order of $ 50 billion (about € 45 billion) – to make Palestinians forget what was apparently missing from the plan: a Palestinian state.

Despite the failure of the initiative, Netanyahu seems well aware of the importance of a US administration that is as favorable to him as the Trump administration. “It’s a historic opportunity, a unique opportunity,” said the Israeli Prime Minister, when he promised to annex the Jordan Valley. «Netanyahu will support Trump with some Jewish votes in the United States. Now Trump is helping Netanyahu get more votes. Unfortunately, the Palestinian people are paying the price,” says the Palestinian ambassador.

Deal of the Century?

Article in Sol Newspaper

By João Campos Rodrigues


While the BDS calls for a boycott of the Eurovision festival, in Tel Aviv, Trump’s plan
for the conflict between Israel and Palestine includes the annexation of settlements in the West Bank.

For months, the President of the United States, Donald Trump, is speaking of the “Deal of the century”, a supposed agreement to put an end to conflict between Israel and Palestine.

Washington indicated that the deal would be disclosed at the beginning of June after  Ramadan . However, this week the Isreal Hayon newspaper said it had access to main points of the proposal, from documents of the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The revealed points are the same as the intentions of the first Israeli minister, Benjamin
Netanyahu, who promised the annexations of  Israeli settlements in West Bank. The disclosed agreement says that these “will remain in the hands of Israel “- with prospect of growing within the isolated areas between settlements. Netanyahu has already told the Ysrael Hayom newspaper that their conditions were that: ‘No settler leaves, Israel in control of the territory west of the Jordan river and no division of Jerusalem “. All of them
are in the agreement.

“The annexation of the settlements means the legalization of the occupation.” said Nabil Abuznaid, Ambassador of Palestine to Portugal. The ambassador confirms that the
Palestinian Authority did not have access to the document and was only informed through the media. But taking into account what has been disclosed, Abuznaid, has no doubts
that the proposal is one of the ‘Biased agreement’, that “will only bring more suffering to
Palestinians’. The ambassador said that despite the promises of Netanyahu, “nothing was ever done to annex settlements”, but that perhaps the prime minister will be “encouraged to do so due to the new agreement”.

The ambassador of Palestine does not trust Trump’s ability to act as mediator, noting how he “Cut off all American humanitarian aid to the Palestinian”. “Does it seem to you that there may be a fair deal?”Abuznaid asks, emphasizing that many of Trump’s closest advisers are “mostly right-wing Jews, not even liberal Jews, represent the right-wing Israeli population.”

Trump’s muscular approach to international diplomacy is clear in the “deal of the century,” promising to cancel all support to both sides if they disagree with the measures – noting in particular that in the Palestinian case he “will not allow any country in the world to transfer money for them. ”
Abuznaid assured that there is no chance that the Palestinian Authority accepts these conditions. If Trump meets the threats, the ambassador has doubts about the future. “Palestine will survive and I believe it will win in the end. But as for the Palestinian Authority, whether it will collapse or not, that’s a different story. ”
The Israeli-Palestinian conflict is the reason for the calls for Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS), a movement which asked Conan Osiris not to go to Tel Aviv to represent Portugal in Eurovision – even through a letter from Roger Waters. Contacted by SOL, Esther Mucznik, a specialist in Jewish culture, called the boycott “an absurdity,” stating that harassing Israeli artists “is to harass the critical conscience of Israel, silence a critical voice.”
Questioned about the fact that the artist who won the Israeli victory, Netta Barzilai, sang in the Israeli navy band – accused of war crimes by the Palestinians – Mucznik assures that “she is free to sing for whomever she wants”, stressing that the Eurovision will be in Tel Aviv, “the most democratic, liveliest, most creative city.” Ben White, a member of the BDS, said in an interview that culture plays an important role in the “propaganda battles” of the Israeli state, and that “gastronomy, music or nightlife in Tel Aviv are part of the so-called rebranding of Israel ‘.

Jerusalém não é uma torre de Trump

Artigo de Opinião – Embaixador Nabil Abuznaid

A última decisão, a do reconhecimento de Jerusalém como capital de Israel, é extremamente perigosa, contradiz com a Lei Internacional e destrói a esperança de paz. Trump ofereceu o que não lhe pertence, ignorando o facto de que Jerusalém não é um dos estados norte-americanos, muito menos uma das suas torres. A decisão de Trump, não só legitima a ocupação, especialmente da cidade de Jerusalém ocupada em 1967, como também contradiz com os próprios princípios norte-americanos que apelam ao direito dos povos na autodeterminação, algo que foi defendido pelo Presidente Wilson. Acredito que os palestinianos não são uma excepção e fazem parte destes povos que aspiram pela sua independência.

O mundo acredita que a solução deste conflito será estabelecer Jerusalém, a cidade da paz e o berço das três religiões monoteístas, como capital dos dois Estados. Como tal, a resposta a esta decisão foi absolutamente clara, o mundo reagiu contra, até porque a decisão de Trump pode vir a mudar o conflito de político para religioso, o que é muito perigoso. Parece-me impossível que o mundo inteiro esteja errado e Trump certo.

Os conflitos são causados pelos seres humanos e hão-de ser resolvidos pelos mesmos. Não há conflito sem solução, e o conflicto palestino-israelita não é excepção. E apesar da ocupação e da injustiça, o povo palestiniano acredita na paz, por isso mesmo pensou em algumas soluções. No início da ocupação, o povo palestiniano sugeriu a solução de um Estado laico, onde viveriam muçulmanos, cristãos e judeus, entre outros, sob uma lei, onde todos seriam iguais nos seus direitos e deveres, solução esta designada como a solução de um Estado. Esta solução poderia ser a melhor e mais justa, mas, infelizmente, foi recusada, por completo, pelo lado israelita.

Após a rejeição da solução previamente indicada, surgiu então a solução de dois Estados, o Estado da Palestina viveria ao lado do Estado de Israel nos territórios ocupados em 1967 (Gaza e Cisjordânia, incluindo Jerusalém Oriental). Segundo esta, o Estado da Palestina iria ser estabelecido em apenas 22% da Palestina Histórica enquanto Israel ficaria com 78%, um grande sacrifício que a parte palestiniana está disposta a assumir em nome da paz. No seguimento desta solução de dois Estados, surgiu a iniciativa árabe em 2002, que consistia em: se Israel se retirar dos territórios árabes ocupados em 1967, 57 países árabes e muçulmanos não irão apenas reconhecer Israel, como também irão normalizar as relações com este Estado. O que significaria que Israel iria hastear a sua bandeira em 57 capitais árabes e muçulmanas, caso aceitasse este projecto de paz. Esta iniciativa constituiria uma grande contribuição para apoiar todo o processo de paz. Infelizmente, mais uma vez, Israel continua a recusar a solução de dois Estados baseada na legitimidade internacional e no consenso internacional, optando por uma terceira solução.

A terceira solução que Israel prefere é a continuação do statu quo, ou seja, Israel quer a paz e também, ao mesmo tempo, quer ocupar os territórios palestinianos. Isto é flagrante na política israelita diária de confiscação de território, construção de colonatos e mudança dos factos na terra. O custo desta solução é mínimo para Israel, mesmo com a rejeição desta política pela comunidade internacional inteira. A política de colonização é condenada, diariamente, pelos diferentes países do mundo, pois viola as leis internacionais e o processo da paz. Todavia, Netanyahu sorri e pensa: os palestinianos podem implorar por ajuda, a Europa e o mundo podem condenar à vontade, nas formas mais absolutas, que eu irei continuar a construir mais colonatos.

É a hora de perceber que a condenação da política israelita é um medicamento que não serve para a cura, nem muda as posições políticas israelitas. É a hora de ir mais além, pensar e agir em algo que trave efetiva e decisivamente esta política, salvando a solução de dois Estados. Se não for agora, não será possível nunca mais. O povo palestiniano acredita e almeja que a paz se realize através da justiça e não através da confiscação de terra, da construção de muros, da opressão, em resumo, através da injustiça.

Finalmente, e mesmo depois de tudo isto, o mundo pede aos palestinianos para terem paciência, esperando que seja o oprimido a aguentar, ainda mais, a opressão. Não acham que a paciência do povo palestiniano tem limites e que se esgotou depois de 70 anos de injustiças? Não acham que já está na altura de o povo palestiniano viver em liberdade e com dignidade no seu Estado da Palestina?

Termino com o que o líder negro, lutador pela paz e justiça, Martin Luther King disse: “Uma injustiça em qualquer lugar é uma ameaça à justiça em todos os lugares.”

público, 16/12/2017

The Resolution that Means Well for All in the Holy Land



The Palestinians have over the past decades made countless appeals to the UN and its Security Council to uphold its Charter duties, on the protection of civilians during the war and the inadmissibility of acquisition of land by force as stipulated in its resolution 242 of 1967 and others but all fell on deaf ears.

Israel, the occupying power, has never been confronted or indicted for any of its atrocities against the Palestinians under its occupation. In contrast, Israel, has continued to receive unconditional support from western democracies and been protected by the American veto power which had been exercised more than 40 times in favour of Israel. On the other hand, the Palestinians under occupation, have been requested by same democracies, all the time to forgo their internationally recognised right to resist their occupier and to cater for its safety and security.

This attitude has contributed tremendously to encouraging Israel to behave as a state above the International Law.

After 36 years of paralysis, the Security Council has on the 23 of December 2016, decided to finally take the side of its principles, by adopting a resolution number 2334, stating that settlements have “no legal validity and constitutes a flagrant violation under International Law,” and call on the International Community “to distinguish, in their relevant dealings, between the territory of the State of Israel and the territories occupied since 1967”.

In fact, this resolution has no tangible effect on the ground except bringing Israel down to earth to behave as a normal country and offer more breathing space for the Palestinians, after five decades of suffocation under the most immoral Israeli military occupation. However late, but still a responsible attempt by Obama’s administration to revive the path for peace and to preserve the two-States solution after has been nullified by Israeli officials that “the two-State solution is dead” and “there will be no Palestinian State”, coupled with steeling the land for settlement’s activities.

On too many occasions I warned against Netanyahu’s animosity to peace, which was clearly expressed in his book Place Under the Sun of 1993.

This animosity has also been expressed in Netanyahu’s latest hysterical reaction when on Christmas day, summoned envoys of the Security Council members for reprimand, coupled with his attack on his country’s strategic ally president Obama and his waged war against the UN and its organs, forgetting that his state, Israel was delivered from its womb in its resolution 181 of 1947.

Netanyahu however, failed to fool world leaders with his anti-peace tricks and allegations, yet he unfortunately succeeded locally in surging fear and racism amongst his Israeli society to guarantee his election for four times. In other words Netanyahu succeeded after 4 terms in office in making the only left enemy for Israel is Israel itself.

This resolution was a victory to all peace -loving peoples including Israelis who never accepted to surrender to Netanyahu’s lies and allegations.

On behalf of those Israelis and all Palestinians, I feel obliged to extend gratitude to all 15 Security Council members including America, because they have acted in line with the rest of the world’s nations on their constant calls to materialize the two states solution.

The Security Council by adopting the resolution 2334, does in fact mean well rather than ill to all the residents of the holy land, Jews, Christians and Muslims as it redirects the world’s compass towards ending the Israeli military occupation of the State of Palestine and establishing a long-term peace and stability in the middle east region and beyond.

What is now needed for the full realization of this resolution is for the American President elect, Trump, to take the side of the UN charter, which is to Dean Acheson (former secretary of State) a “condensed version of the American constitution”.

First appeared on 7.1.2017:

Balfour: Declaration or Destruction


Hikmat Ajjuri

The International Law and the International Humanitarian Law are bylaws delivered from the womb of human values to protect mankind and human infrastructure. Democracy and Human Rights are known to be the tools to enforce these by-laws and, unless these tools are maintained sound and healthy, the jungle law prevails.

Terrorism, which is striking everywhere these days, is a culmination of our failure to maintain those enforcement tools of the mentioned by-laws.

This failure expresses itself every day, in different forms, but the most shameful form is being locally democratic, while abroad being an alliance with dictators and oppressors such as Israel the occupying power.

On the 2nd of November, 99 years ago, James Balfour, then British Foreign Minister, promised the Zionists in the name of his government, to create a national home for the Jews in Palestine. This unlawful promise, also known as the Balfour Declaration, had until the creation of Israel in 1948, encouraged Jews to emigrate from an anti-Semitic environment in Europe to what consequently became an apartheid environment in Israel.

Because the Balfour promise was materialized on the expense of the indigenous inhabitants of Palestine, by another unlawful resolution by the UN Organization. When in November 1947, this organization passed its resolution number 181, to partition of Historic Palestine. In fact this resolution was the first breach of the UN charter which forbids the UN to assign any land to anyone unless is agreed by the indigenous people of the land. Let alone when it has assigned 56% of the land to 30% of the population, overwhelming majority of them were immigrants fled from Europe.

In 1918-1919 an American congressional delegation, advised against the implementation of the Balfour Declaration because of the overwhelming force its implementation needs against the indigenous population.

The Americans were right and the outcome of its implementation in 1948 was a catastrophe, 800.000 of the indigenous Palestinian people had been forcibly expelled, 500 of their villages were wiped off the map, in addition to thousands killed and injured at the hands of the Zionists gangs.

Consequent to this catastrophe, (Nakba), Israel declared itself, a state on 78% of Historic Palestine, 22% more than what was assigned to them by the UN. Consequently, Israel since then became a constant source of conflict and violence until today.

Despite this historic injustice inflicted on the Palestinians, they have, in 1988, recognized the right of Israel to exist on 78% of Historic Palestine. This recognition is endorsed by every state of the International Community except Israel, the occupying power.

This irresponsible and arrogant behaviour by Israel coupled with its wild practices on the ground against the Palestinian people under its occupation is an utter defiance of the International Law, together have contributed tremendously to the current worldwide terror. This linkage to terror was asserted by many world leaders including American President.

On conclusion, the Palestinians in return for the injustice inflicted on them over the past 99 years, the least they expect from Britain, the country of the Mandate and a beacon of human rights and democracy, is to rectify some of the damage done by her former Foreign Minister, to fully recognize the State of Palestine side by side with the State of Israel.

Britain by doing so, will not only encourage other states to follow suit, and will contribute tremendously to drying up a great deal of resources of terror which is killing innocent people everywhere allegedly in the name of justice.

first appeared on 05.11.2016:

Obama Patron of Occupation or Peace


Hikmat Ajjuri

The U.S. military aid agreement, signed on the 14th of September, which grants Israel ($ 38 billion) is considered the largest sum in the history of the two countries’ relations.

This grant unless counterbalanced, is so far perceived as the last nail hammered in the coffin of peace in the Middle East by Obama, in his last weeks, as president of the United States. This grant is a donation, from each American tax payer (definitely by force) of 300 dollars a year, for a period of ten years. Because the Americans are in short of this sum to improve their public education and health systems.

In response to this very generous agreement, a well-known Israeli political analyst and a journalist, Gideon Levy, argued on the 18th of August saying that, Obama is “Patron of the Occupation” and a “bad president of Israel” (Haaretz, 18 Set. 2016). Because in simple words, this huge amount of money does not strengthen the security of Israel but it strengthens its status as an above the International Law country.

Since it has come into being in 1948, Israel received financial and military support, from  all western countries and more than any other known country in the world.

The western countries created Israel to protect their own interest in a region (Middle East), known to be the richest in natural resources and geopolitics. Israel since 1973 has received 100 billion dollars from America alone.

Consequently, Israel has become one of the strongest militarily countries in the world, strong enough to deter and combat all its neighboring countries with its at least 200 nuclear warheads.

Over the past 8 years since Obama moved to the White House, Israel has enjoyed a license to kill by Obama’s administration, blatantly proven in its three wars against civilian Palestinians in Gaza. Most of the victims were women, children and civilian infrastructure.

Ironically, in return and on record, President Obama was insulted by the same Israeli leadership more than any other American president.

Netanyahu, Openly, supports a different candidate, and addressing the congress against him and his chief spokesman called Obama “anti-Semitic”.

No one doubts the intelligence of a president whom against all expectations won, the elections twice, mindful of the nature of the American Society.

On the other hand and against the rules of the committee he was granted the most prestigious Noble Prize only because of his intelligence and charm.

The question here is whether this President “Obama” has tricked everyone including myself because we believed in him. Otherwise and before he leaves to his new mansion in Washington DC. in January next year, would he be brave enough to counterbalance the afore mentioned grant, by granting the Palestinians the sovereign, independent and viable state side by side with the state of Israel. So, his teenage beautiful daughters as well as all teenage Palestinians be proud of him as then he goes in history as Patron of peace.

Article first appeared on 22.09.2016:

Netanyahu, Einstein and the French Initiative


Hikmat Ajjuri

In 1996, Netanyahu was elected for the first time prime minister of Israel on a manifesto of destroying the Oslo agreement as he stated this in his book of 1993 ‘’Place under the Sun’’.
Netanyahu has so far been elected four times because he excels at scaring his own people and excels at creating enemies to keep himself and his people at a state of war all the time, to the extent that many of the Israelis now believe that all non-Jews are their enemy. The Israeli media reported that the assassination of the visionary politician in Israel, late Prime Minister Rabin was a provocative act by the anti-peace language of Netanyahu and his likens in the right wing.
All who watched the Last Israeli elections in March 2015 still remember that Netanyahu was elected last term on the manifesto of big NO to the state of Palestine while he rules.
This denial of the Palestinian right towards a statehood, in an utter defiance of all man made laws has been and still is a prime goal for Netanyahu all his political life.
This denial was served properly by using negotiations as a smoke screen for territorial expansion and building illegal settlements on a stolen Palestinian territories.
When former French president Jacques Chirac who was a friend of late Arafat, visited the Holy land in 1996, Netanyahu then Prime Minister, called on the Israeli and Palestinian negotiating teams to resume negotiations. The teams went to the hotel each stayed in separate rooms. As soon as Chirac ended his visit on the same day, the teams were then asked to go home without a word to each other.
This style of Netanyahu is recognized by all his colleagues in Israel, of them, former Prime Minister Sharon who once told Netanyahu “a liar you were and a liar you will remain’’.
Ironically, politicians worldwide are used to turn deaf ears and blind eyes to Netanyahu’s lies and allegations for different reasons but mainly based on their perception of politics: “the art of possible including lies”.
These days we have on the International political table a serious French initiative, borne from the womb of responsibility and enough is enough for 7 decades of suffering to the Palestinians whom are the victims of the creation of Israel in 1948.
This is coupled with; the damaging repercussions of this historic injustice accordingly inflicted on the Palestinians and created a state of instability and a thriving environment for terrorism in the region and beyond.
The French initiative by inviting all influential players of the world’s political theatre will offer a creative cooperation capable of finding a solution based on the international law to favorably end the Israeli Palestinian conflict
The call these days from Netanyahu with his known trickery style for a bilateral talks, purposefully to thwart the French initiative, should alarm all decent politicians in the world particularly those who are meeting in Paris on 3 June and accordingly they should ignore it.
Over the past six months only, more than 300 Palestinian children were killed and more than 1500 have been arrested and tortured at the hands of the Israeli occupying forces.
The French initiative based on the International Humanitarian Law is an urgently needed tool to convince those residents of the Holy Land: Palestinians and Israelis who call for revenge, that eye for an eye will end with both Palestinians and Israelis to become blind (Gandhi). It is also a non -violent and ideological tool that also urgently needed to tell all terrorists in the world that there is no one above the law, individual, faction or a state, a law to which we are all answerable and abide.
Finally I would like to reiterate that Netanyahu’s recent call, for bilateral negotiations once again stems from his camouflage nature to counteract the French initiative is a call consistent with the Einstein’s law of madness, definition of which is “to do the same again and again and expect a different results”.

Article first appeared on 01.06.2016 :

Holy Land: One State Two Systems


Hikmat Ajjuri

The three monotheistic religions – Judaism, Christianity and Islam – are God’s constitutions, delivered at different times in history, in Holy books pertained to relevant followers for eternal observation. Purposefully to control life on earth in a humane manner so as to make it impossible for a jungle law to prevail within the human kingdom. But because absolute justice can only be realized by God, in the second life, Man has so far managed to extract from these heavenly constitutions a civilized, with a rather possible just law.

Man-made Bi-laws have been enacted to comfort living on earth in harmony with heaven`s constitutions. These are known human values, International Law and International Humanitarian Law. They accordingly oblige all who belong to human kingdom to abide by them. Philosophies contradicting these values are inhumane regardless of who observe or believe in them.

Israel, a military occupying state, was established in 1948, on the expense of other people, the Palestinians, in a war that had destroyed the shape and character of Historic Palestine.

This war called Nakba or catastrophe resulted in the creation of Israel on 78% of Historic Palestine, by ethnic cleansing. It forcibly expelled the indigenous population from their homes and land in which they lived as far as history became known to us. Nakba is commemorated with pain and sorrow every year on May 15 by all Palestinians.

Since then, the Palestinians, the true owners of the land of Palestine had until today been subjected to mental, and physical torture at the hands of the Israeli military occupation forces to make them forget and accept to live under their control with captivity, bondage and political slavery. Even the Palestinians whom are supposed to be citizens in the state of Israel (21% of the population) have since the birth of Israel been discriminated against by at least 40 laws enacted by an alleged democratic Zionist regime. Israel achieved all of its political goals by killing and terrorizing the Palestinians, who earned their name from the land, Palestine.

The alleged Israeli democracy is a reflection of the actual nature of Zionism.

A renowned Jewish historian, Illan Pappe says “we have to try and explain not only to the world but also to the Israelis themselves, that Zionism is an Ideology that endorses ethnic cleansing, occupation and now massive massacres”.

Zionism is the biological father of the terrorist settlers who burned alive the Palestinian child Abukhdair and orphaned Ahmad Dawabsheh, after they have burned his parents while they were asleep.

The culture of hate and incitement of this Zionist philosophy has also encouraged a Jewish terrorist, Yegal Amir, to assassinate the Israeli Prime Minister Rabin in 1995.

The inhumane nature of Zionism and its leaders represented by the current Israeli government has so far intoxicated the environment of coexistence in the Holy Land, and poisoned the hope of the Palestinian youth and children so as to take the law into their hands.

These atrocities by the Israeli military occupation forces: army and terrorist settler, coupled with a shameful silence from the International community was and still is perceived in our region as impunity granted to the Zionist Israelis and a betrayal to all the values we all share as human beings, the core of which are the human rights which are stemmed from God’s constitution.

Fairly, all world leaders, the UN and The International court of Justice, criticize the Israeli Zionist policy but to no avail.

US presidents as an example criticized Israel’s violations of the International Law, Obama says “Iran poses a short-term threat to Israel’s survival; Israel’s own behavior poses a long- term one”. While Clinton believes that Netanyahu is not interested in Middle East peace deal. President Carter published articles and books critical of Israel. But unless these words are transformed into deeds in order to end the Israeli military occupation of the state of Palestine, world peace and stability will remain hijacked by Netanyahu; a  ‘‘prime minister, salutes a rabbi who supported a work on the laws of killing non-Jews’’.  (Haaretz, 23-04-2013).

Netanyahu for four terms in office has done everything available including his lies and the talent of scaring his own people, in order to form one state in the Holy Land (Historic Palestine) but with two systems.

Article first appeared on29.04.2016 :

Justice is The Only Lethal Weapon to Defeat Terrorism


Hikmat Ajjuri

The latest leaked documents from DAESH and its recruitment of youth from 50 countries, 30% of them come from 3 of the most powerful European countries, should alarm us all.
A terrorist organization such as DAESH, using Islam, a monotheistic religion, as a cover for all of its evil acts to brainwash and recruit youth from fifty countries, can´t be defeated by militarism only. In fact the military reaction with all kinds of weapons of alliance from 60 countries, against terrorism are perpetuating the war by unintentionally nourishing the DAESH process of washing the brains of the vulnerable youth. These youth where ever come from, suffer for sure from whether ignored grievances or different kinds of injustices social, financial, political or else.
Recruits who leave European affluent living standard to go to kill and get killed with no pressure from anyone except their will and wrong convictions, can´t be defeated by any kind of militarism including all weapons of mass destruction.
The gruesome images shown on TV space channels, came and still are coming from all battle fields are disgusting, simply because of their inhumane nature.
The difference between mankind and animal-kind is the element of humanity which is a pivotal and integral component of every human being. The duty of all is to make sure that humanity prevails and not a single human being is deprived from it, no matter what the pretexts are, whether, political, greed, glory and even insanity.
In this regard, for example, killing a Palestinian youth by more than 40 live bullets- allegedly carrying a knife -at a distance of 100 meters and killing a Palestinian child sometimes at zero point, only to deter his mates by the Israeli soldiers is definitely inhuman act, at the hands of a human being. Ironically, these Palestinian victims are becoming the murderers of those who condemned them to appease the actual criminal. This condemnation by itself, serves the interest of the recruiting terrorist agencies such as DAESH. Bearing in mind that Israel is the occupying power and Palestine and the Palestinians are the occupied. This irresponsible policy by certain western politicians is what provoked and attracted the attention of the concerned youth, in particular those who were born in European democracies and fed by their milk of equality and human rights.
Democratic forces joining and allying with dictatorships regardless of the nature of this alliance equates democracies with dictators and not the other way around.
Amazingly America, the supposedly guardian of world freedom and democracy, has destroyed countries to protect the UN and its resolutions. While on the other hand, America has so far destroyed the UN resolutions to protect one country which is Israel.
This confusion which is equated to political schizophrenia raises a question of whether this school of thoughts means all of America or it is just the political administration which is entrusted by the whole world to be in charge of the Israeli Palestinian conflict.
An American Rabbi, during the American Vietnam war, said in a “Democracy when few are guilty all are responsible” and a former American secretary told us, in his memoirs that the UN constitution is “a condensed version of the American constitution”.
I in this context dare to say that these American inspiring thoughts should oblige the Americans to observe their values by matching their words with their deeds. Because it is only then, that the question that was once raised by former president Bush junior “Why they hate us”, becomes legitimate.
But until this puzzle is enlighten, Europe, the old continent and the resource of human values is obliged to step in, but this time with all of its political power which is stemmed from its economic, cultural, scientific and more importantly its geopolitical powers.
The real challenge facing Europe in this context and at this stage is its full recognition of the state of Palestine as a means to dry up human resources and convince the thousands of brain washed youth that they are on the wrong.

Article first appeared on 16.03.2016:

Palestine and the EU Strategy


Hikmat Ajjuri

The Palestinian upheaval which broke out in October last year, in the Occupied East Jerusalem, is a natural outcome of 57 years of persecution of the Palestinians at the hands of the Israeli occupying forces; army and settlers. This fact was asserted directly and indirectly by many politicians in the world including United Nations Secretary-General Ban Kin-moon.

On Tuesday 26/1/2016, Mr. Ki-moon said that the Palestinian youth’s violent response to Israeli occupation is ‘human nature’. He added by saying that “Palestinian frustration is growing under the weight of a half century of occupation and the paralysis of the peace process.” “Occupation, which often serves as a potent incubator of hate and extremism.”

This indisputable truth was deceitfully responded to by the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who said that the remarks of Ki-moon “give a tailwind to terrorism.”

The five decades’ of silence of the International Community against all the crimes conducted by Israel the occupying power against the Palestinians was perceived by the Israelis as an International community´s endorsement of their crimes. While on the other hand was perceived by the Palestinians as complacency and betrayal of the International Community to its values and laws including the IHL Laws meant to serve the legitimate aspirations of all nations including the Palestinians to live in peace and prosperity with dignity in their own sovereign countries.

Factually, it is not only this shameful silence but also the carelessness of the International Community which favored not to know that killing a Palestinian child in cold blood in the streets of the occupied East Jerusalem and the overrun by an Israeli Bulldozer, of an American young woman, Rachel Corrie, because of her protest to the Israeli atrocities, had a spark effect to this instability and violence which hits every were in the region and now beyond.

Any EU global strategy that aims to sustain peace and prosperity for all Europeans will never succeed unless this strategy is well informed by the European values.

Security and defense which means that Europe keeps its finger all the time on the trigger, is not only a very tiring process but has proved to be a wrong approach to serving a meaningful European strategy.

Democracy is a European value and ought to be sustained in order to keep the European system sound, secure and constructive.

The European silence on the crimes conducted by an alleged democracy “Israel” in addition to its controlling the life of Palestinians against their wish and will, is an utter contradiction of this value.

As important reference to a European strategy is the recognition by leaders of western democracies including America of the Israeli Oppression of millions of Palestinians under their occupation, a main recruiting tool for the terror which is becoming uncontrollable worse than a cancer.

In this context the question worth asking is whether the current coalition of sixty countries are truly fighting DAESH to uproot terrorism, or in fact, un-intentionally or ignorantly are flourishing it.

Mindful of the tools used by this evil (terror) to promote its crimes, in order to recruit brain washed youth worldwide. Experiences learnt from Afghanistan and the war against AL-Qaeda proves that the western Democracies need to review their global strategies in order to sustain their civilized systems, the core of which is human rights and democracy. The new generations of the developing world including the Middle East are no more afraid of dictators and very much benefiting from the technology which turned the world into a small village.

In this village the shared human values should be observed based on the wisdom of Martin Luther King “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere”.

On conclusion, I am for once inspired by the brave move taken by the French Foreign Minister Fabius, calling for International conference as a non- violent means to end this decades long Israeli military occupation of the State of Palestine.

May be it is high time for a new European strategy adopting this French peace initiative as an effective alternative to the military might which has so far proved its failure in its war against terror.

Article first appeared on 08.02.2016: