Holy Land: One State Two Systems


Hikmat Ajjuri

The three monotheistic religions – Judaism, Christianity and Islam – are God’s constitutions, delivered at different times in history, in Holy books pertained to relevant followers for eternal observation. Purposefully to control life on earth in a humane manner so as to make it impossible for a jungle law to prevail within the human kingdom. But because absolute justice can only be realized by God, in the second life, Man has so far managed to extract from these heavenly constitutions a civilized, with a rather possible just law.

Man-made Bi-laws have been enacted to comfort living on earth in harmony with heaven`s constitutions. These are known human values, International Law and International Humanitarian Law. They accordingly oblige all who belong to human kingdom to abide by them. Philosophies contradicting these values are inhumane regardless of who observe or believe in them.

Israel, a military occupying state, was established in 1948, on the expense of other people, the Palestinians, in a war that had destroyed the shape and character of Historic Palestine.

This war called Nakba or catastrophe resulted in the creation of Israel on 78% of Historic Palestine, by ethnic cleansing. It forcibly expelled the indigenous population from their homes and land in which they lived as far as history became known to us. Nakba is commemorated with pain and sorrow every year on May 15 by all Palestinians.

Since then, the Palestinians, the true owners of the land of Palestine had until today been subjected to mental, and physical torture at the hands of the Israeli military occupation forces to make them forget and accept to live under their control with captivity, bondage and political slavery. Even the Palestinians whom are supposed to be citizens in the state of Israel (21% of the population) have since the birth of Israel been discriminated against by at least 40 laws enacted by an alleged democratic Zionist regime. Israel achieved all of its political goals by killing and terrorizing the Palestinians, who earned their name from the land, Palestine.

The alleged Israeli democracy is a reflection of the actual nature of Zionism.

A renowned Jewish historian, Illan Pappe says “we have to try and explain not only to the world but also to the Israelis themselves, that Zionism is an Ideology that endorses ethnic cleansing, occupation and now massive massacres”.

Zionism is the biological father of the terrorist settlers who burned alive the Palestinian child Abukhdair and orphaned Ahmad Dawabsheh, after they have burned his parents while they were asleep.

The culture of hate and incitement of this Zionist philosophy has also encouraged a Jewish terrorist, Yegal Amir, to assassinate the Israeli Prime Minister Rabin in 1995.

The inhumane nature of Zionism and its leaders represented by the current Israeli government has so far intoxicated the environment of coexistence in the Holy Land, and poisoned the hope of the Palestinian youth and children so as to take the law into their hands.

These atrocities by the Israeli military occupation forces: army and terrorist settler, coupled with a shameful silence from the International community was and still is perceived in our region as impunity granted to the Zionist Israelis and a betrayal to all the values we all share as human beings, the core of which are the human rights which are stemmed from God’s constitution.

Fairly, all world leaders, the UN and The International court of Justice, criticize the Israeli Zionist policy but to no avail.

US presidents as an example criticized Israel’s violations of the International Law, Obama says “Iran poses a short-term threat to Israel’s survival; Israel’s own behavior poses a long- term one”. While Clinton believes that Netanyahu is not interested in Middle East peace deal. President Carter published articles and books critical of Israel. But unless these words are transformed into deeds in order to end the Israeli military occupation of the state of Palestine, world peace and stability will remain hijacked by Netanyahu; a  ‘‘prime minister, salutes a rabbi who supported a work on the laws of killing non-Jews’’.  (Haaretz, 23-04-2013).

Netanyahu for four terms in office has done everything available including his lies and the talent of scaring his own people, in order to form one state in the Holy Land (Historic Palestine) but with two systems.

Article first appeared on29.04.2016 : https://www.publico.pt/mundo/noticia/terra-santa-um-estado-dois-sistemas-1730419

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