Israel 2015: A government of extremists in charge of an-out-of control military

This briefing document compiled by the Ireland-Palestine Solidarity Campaign, look at some of those who now make up what has been widely characterised as ‘the most extremist government in Israel’s history’. It argues that this is not a government that is in any way interested in a negotiated solution with Palestinians.  Indeed it is not a government which even views Palestinians as equal human beings. Their statements make clear that what they intend is a continuation of the policy of annexation, occupation and brutal military control. Such policies have bought misery to millions of Palestinians and instability to the region. The briefing examines what Israeli impunity means for Palestinians by summarising a recent report by Israeli military participants on the conduct of the Israeli military during its massive assault on Gaza last year. Finally, the document explores how all of this relates to Ireland and the global movement for justice for Palestine, and makes concrete recommendations for the Irish government to take to help bring about a just peace in the Palestine -Israel region.

government of extremists in charge of an-out-of control military