Justice is The Only Lethal Weapon to Defeat Terrorism


Hikmat Ajjuri

The latest leaked documents from DAESH and its recruitment of youth from 50 countries, 30% of them come from 3 of the most powerful European countries, should alarm us all.
A terrorist organization such as DAESH, using Islam, a monotheistic religion, as a cover for all of its evil acts to brainwash and recruit youth from fifty countries, can´t be defeated by militarism only. In fact the military reaction with all kinds of weapons of alliance from 60 countries, against terrorism are perpetuating the war by unintentionally nourishing the DAESH process of washing the brains of the vulnerable youth. These youth where ever come from, suffer for sure from whether ignored grievances or different kinds of injustices social, financial, political or else.
Recruits who leave European affluent living standard to go to kill and get killed with no pressure from anyone except their will and wrong convictions, can´t be defeated by any kind of militarism including all weapons of mass destruction.
The gruesome images shown on TV space channels, came and still are coming from all battle fields are disgusting, simply because of their inhumane nature.
The difference between mankind and animal-kind is the element of humanity which is a pivotal and integral component of every human being. The duty of all is to make sure that humanity prevails and not a single human being is deprived from it, no matter what the pretexts are, whether, political, greed, glory and even insanity.
In this regard, for example, killing a Palestinian youth by more than 40 live bullets- allegedly carrying a knife -at a distance of 100 meters and killing a Palestinian child sometimes at zero point, only to deter his mates by the Israeli soldiers is definitely inhuman act, at the hands of a human being. Ironically, these Palestinian victims are becoming the murderers of those who condemned them to appease the actual criminal. This condemnation by itself, serves the interest of the recruiting terrorist agencies such as DAESH. Bearing in mind that Israel is the occupying power and Palestine and the Palestinians are the occupied. This irresponsible policy by certain western politicians is what provoked and attracted the attention of the concerned youth, in particular those who were born in European democracies and fed by their milk of equality and human rights.
Democratic forces joining and allying with dictatorships regardless of the nature of this alliance equates democracies with dictators and not the other way around.
Amazingly America, the supposedly guardian of world freedom and democracy, has destroyed countries to protect the UN and its resolutions. While on the other hand, America has so far destroyed the UN resolutions to protect one country which is Israel.
This confusion which is equated to political schizophrenia raises a question of whether this school of thoughts means all of America or it is just the political administration which is entrusted by the whole world to be in charge of the Israeli Palestinian conflict.
An American Rabbi, during the American Vietnam war, said in a “Democracy when few are guilty all are responsible” and a former American secretary told us, in his memoirs that the UN constitution is “a condensed version of the American constitution”.
I in this context dare to say that these American inspiring thoughts should oblige the Americans to observe their values by matching their words with their deeds. Because it is only then, that the question that was once raised by former president Bush junior “Why they hate us”, becomes legitimate.
But until this puzzle is enlighten, Europe, the old continent and the resource of human values is obliged to step in, but this time with all of its political power which is stemmed from its economic, cultural, scientific and more importantly its geopolitical powers.
The real challenge facing Europe in this context and at this stage is its full recognition of the state of Palestine as a means to dry up human resources and convince the thousands of brain washed youth that they are on the wrong.

Article first appeared on 16.03.2016: https://www.publico.pt/mundo/noticia/a-justica-e-a-unica-arma-letal-para-derrotar-o-terrorismo-1726092

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