Netanyahu, Einstein and the French Initiative


Hikmat Ajjuri

In 1996, Netanyahu was elected for the first time prime minister of Israel on a manifesto of destroying the Oslo agreement as he stated this in his book of 1993 ‘’Place under the Sun’’.
Netanyahu has so far been elected four times because he excels at scaring his own people and excels at creating enemies to keep himself and his people at a state of war all the time, to the extent that many of the Israelis now believe that all non-Jews are their enemy. The Israeli media reported that the assassination of the visionary politician in Israel, late Prime Minister Rabin was a provocative act by the anti-peace language of Netanyahu and his likens in the right wing.
All who watched the Last Israeli elections in March 2015 still remember that Netanyahu was elected last term on the manifesto of big NO to the state of Palestine while he rules.
This denial of the Palestinian right towards a statehood, in an utter defiance of all man made laws has been and still is a prime goal for Netanyahu all his political life.
This denial was served properly by using negotiations as a smoke screen for territorial expansion and building illegal settlements on a stolen Palestinian territories.
When former French president Jacques Chirac who was a friend of late Arafat, visited the Holy land in 1996, Netanyahu then Prime Minister, called on the Israeli and Palestinian negotiating teams to resume negotiations. The teams went to the hotel each stayed in separate rooms. As soon as Chirac ended his visit on the same day, the teams were then asked to go home without a word to each other.
This style of Netanyahu is recognized by all his colleagues in Israel, of them, former Prime Minister Sharon who once told Netanyahu “a liar you were and a liar you will remain’’.
Ironically, politicians worldwide are used to turn deaf ears and blind eyes to Netanyahu’s lies and allegations for different reasons but mainly based on their perception of politics: “the art of possible including lies”.
These days we have on the International political table a serious French initiative, borne from the womb of responsibility and enough is enough for 7 decades of suffering to the Palestinians whom are the victims of the creation of Israel in 1948.
This is coupled with; the damaging repercussions of this historic injustice accordingly inflicted on the Palestinians and created a state of instability and a thriving environment for terrorism in the region and beyond.
The French initiative by inviting all influential players of the world’s political theatre will offer a creative cooperation capable of finding a solution based on the international law to favorably end the Israeli Palestinian conflict
The call these days from Netanyahu with his known trickery style for a bilateral talks, purposefully to thwart the French initiative, should alarm all decent politicians in the world particularly those who are meeting in Paris on 3 June and accordingly they should ignore it.
Over the past six months only, more than 300 Palestinian children were killed and more than 1500 have been arrested and tortured at the hands of the Israeli occupying forces.
The French initiative based on the International Humanitarian Law is an urgently needed tool to convince those residents of the Holy Land: Palestinians and Israelis who call for revenge, that eye for an eye will end with both Palestinians and Israelis to become blind (Gandhi). It is also a non -violent and ideological tool that also urgently needed to tell all terrorists in the world that there is no one above the law, individual, faction or a state, a law to which we are all answerable and abide.
Finally I would like to reiterate that Netanyahu’s recent call, for bilateral negotiations once again stems from his camouflage nature to counteract the French initiative is a call consistent with the Einstein’s law of madness, definition of which is “to do the same again and again and expect a different results”.

Article first appeared on 01.06.2016 :

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