Palestinians’ Access to Justice

Hikmat Ajjuri


The second of July marks the first anniversary of the brutal crime of the child Mohammad Abu-khdair (16 years) who was burned alive to death, at the hands of three terrorist Israeli settlers, but Abu Khdair is still alive in the memory of all with any sense of humanity. In memory of his son, Hussein Abu Khdeir has said “We don’t forget him. We burn on the inside every time we remember the way he was murdered”.
It is most likely that the Racist Israeli law would release these terrorist settlers, perpetrators of this inhumanness or lightly sentence them by claiming they are deranged or in self-defense.
In fact, there are many similar cases when Israeli murderers of Palestinians were found not guilty. Few years ago an Israeli security officer of a settlement built on the Land of the Palestinian village called Hosan near Bethlehem, had beaten to death a Palestinian child named Hilmi Shoushah claiming that he threw a stone at his car. This officer was sentenced by Israeli court to six months community service.
Israeli illegal Settlers in Palestine do commonly overrun with their cars Palestinians by-passers and bystanders. Christian and Muslim holy places have been vandalized and burned in addition to burning and uprooting hundreds of thousands of fruit trees.
Those settlers have got away with their offenses or at best lightly sentenced by their racial law.
Settler´s violence against Palestinians in the occupied West Bank is routine and goes unpunished by Israel, with 324 incidents of violence recorded in 2014, according to the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs. On the other hand, God help any Palestinian who dared to commit the same, because the sentence will be shot to death on the spot or more than hundred years imprisonment.
We still remember the South African Jewish Judge Goldstone, whom in his report on operation cast lead of 2008/ 2009, had found the state of Israel guilty of conducting war crimes and crimes against humanity. Israel, so far got away with all of its crimes since it has come into being, as nobody dared to hold this spoiled country “Israel” accountable for its crimes, as if Israel is an above the International law country.
Ironically Israel the murdering state, and in order to evade charges with its latest crimes against the people of Gaza during its last offensive “protective Edge” of July 2014, has conducted its own investigations and found itself not guilty.
Meanwhile an Israeli ministerial legal committee approved on Sunday 31st May this year, a bill that could see Palestinian youth/children, who throw stones at moving vehicles jailed for up to 10 or more years.
I in In the midst of all these Israeli racially judicial contradictions expect the whole International community to refuse these Israeli investigations and their jokily outcomes, Not merely because the Israeli Judicial system is racist by its nature but also because Israel in fact insults the whole international community as it undermines the intelligence of every one. On record Israel in this most ruthless offensive “protective edge” had erased 72 whole families from the civil register and killed more than 600 children and leveled to earth complete neighborhoods.
Palestine Simply joined the International criminal court not merely to bring Israel to justice for its crimes but more importantly is to bring Israel down to earth in order to become a normal country, by erasing the Israeli culture of impunity in which the Israeli occupying forces and settlers have so vilely and continuously assaulted Palestinian civilians under their occupation. The Palestinians after decades of been victims of Israeli the occupying power are hopeful that under international law have finally gained access to justice.

Ambassador of Palestine

Article first appeared on 08.07.2015:

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