PRESS RELEASE – Ibrahimi Mosque Massacre (1994)

Issued by the Diplomatic Mission of Palestine in Portugal

 Tomorrow marks the most inhumane massacre perpetrated by a Jewish terrorist “Baruch Goldstein”.

On February 25 1994, a US-born Israeli military medical doctor, walked into the Ibrahimi

Mosque in Hebron armed with a Galil assault rifle. It was early morning during the holy month of Ramadan, and hundreds of Palestinians were crammed inside, bowed in prayer. Baruch Goldstein, who had immigrated to Israel from North America in 1983, lived in the Kiryat Arba (settlement on the outskirts of Hebron). As worshippers kneeled, Goldstein opened fire. He reloaded his gun at least once, continuing his barrage for as long as possible before finally being overpowered and eventually beaten to death.

By the time he was stopped, 29 worshippers were killed, and more than a hundred had been injured.

The Israeli government immediately released a statement condemning the act and stating that Goldstein acted alone and was psychologically disturbed. The massacre was widely reported in the international media – and been added to dozens more of the Israeli massacres against the indigenous people of Historic Palestine “the Palestinians”. Words of condemnation came from the whole world including Israel but no action as if Israel is licensed to kill with impunity. The 29 people killed inside the mosque were not the only “martyrs” that day. Locals estimate the final number of deaths at between 50 and 70 – and an estimated 250 were injured over the course of the day. After the initial attack inside the mosque, more Palestinians were killed by the Israeli army during protests outside the mosque, outside Hebron’s Ahli hospital, and even in the local cemetery as the dead were being buried.

Some survivors of the massacre also report that they were shot by a second gunman inside the mosque, and claim that this was a planned attack of which the Israeli military was aware in advance. None here believe the official story of Goldstein acting entirely alone in a fit of madness.

No action had ever been taken, by the Israeli authorities to protect the Palestinians from the illegal Jewish settlers, to the contrary, settlers with the blessings of the Israeli army, erected a shrine for the terrorist Goldstein, inside the settlement, to become a site for pilgrimage for them and their likens.

Ambassador Ajjuri, says “Lack of action by the International Community against such Israeli crime, has encouraged Israel to perpetrate with impunity, massacres and war crimes, two massacres in Qana, Lebanon and four offensives against the Palestinians in Gaza , in the last one in 2014, Israel killed 22000 Palestinians, 517 of them were children”.

He added that for the same reason and in an utter defiance of the International law, Israeli Knesset adopted on the 6th of this month, the so-called “Regularization Bill”, a scheme being presented as “law” with the express purpose of facilitating and authorizing the expropriation, colonization and ultimate de facto annexation of Palestinian land.



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