The Higher Presidential Committee of Churches affairs in Palestine Condemns the terrorist attack against a Church in Tabgha in the Galilee

Israeli attacks on Christian and Muslim holy sites have continued and increased under the watch of the new, right-wing Israeli Government.

The Church of Multiplication of the Loaves and Fish was set on fire and its walls spray painted with hate speech on Thursday June 18th by Israeli terrorists. The historical church, known as the site where Jesus Christ multiplied fish and loaves of bread, was torched in a vicious attack as a direct consequence of the calls for recognition of Israel as a ‘Jewish State’ and Jerusalem as the eternal and undivided capital of the Jewish people. The culture of impunity that has been granted to Israel has allowed Israeli extremists to escalate their racist attacks against Palestinians and degrade our holy sites without any legal accountability.

The Presidential Committee calls upon the international community to take series of actions to immediately stop the systematic attacks against our holy sites.

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