Two States: a Moral Responsibility of the UN


Hikmat Ajjuri

Israel has come into being by a UN General Assembly Resolution 181 “Partition Plan”, passed in 1947. Half of this resolution only was implemented in 1948, when one state “Israel” was established. The other half which is the establishment of the state of Palestine still waiting until today.

On the other hand, the acceptance of Israel as a member state of the UN in 1949, was conditioned by its commitment towards the establishment of the state of Palestine and the return of all Palestinians who were forced to leave their homes during the 1948 war or what is known as the Palestinian Nakba, at the hands of the Zionist gangs.

Of course, the details of the meanwhile ongoing atrocities at the hands of the Israeli occupying forces, against the Palestinians have become well known and well documented locally and Internationally. Every single day Palestinian civilians, including children and women, are attacked, killed in cold blood and injured by the Israeli occupying forces, soldiers and terrorist settlers. Palestinian civilians are detained and arrested and collective punishment measures such as home demolitions render families homeless, while restrictions on Palestinian movement suffocate and impact negatively all aspects of Palestinian socio-economic life.

The International Community represented by the UN called on Israel, the occupying power, on too many occasions to freeze all these inhumane actions and to reverse all of its other illegal actions, such as   stealing more of the Palestinian land to build settlement and transfer its citizens to them but to no avail. The selectivity of the application of the International law and its bolsters in the case of the Israeli violations and the lack of actions against these violations have consequently granted Israel a status of above the International Law country and consequently nullified all relevant UN resolutions.

In spite of all mentioned, the International Community has adopted the two states solution as an internationally endorsed solution to a nearly 70 years Israeli Palestinian conflict. In this context the status of Palestine was upgraded to a non-member state of the Un organization.

Israel since the signing of the Oslo Agreement has ostensibly endorsed this two states solution but explicitly has acted against realizing it.

All still remember the statement made by Netanyahu in this regard during his election campaign, that no Palestinian state during his time in office.

This irresponsible statement during the election campaign explains that all who put Netayahu in office (majority) are against the two states solution.

Israel’s Deputy Minister of Defence Eli Ben-Dahan said on October 9th, last year “Palestinians have to understand, they won’t have a state, and Israel will rule over them.” According to the Jerusalem Centre for Public Affairs, 75% of Israeli Jews oppose a two state solution anyway.

The very same Eli Ben Dahan said in 2013 when he was Deputy Minister of Religious Services, “To me they (the Palestinians) are like animals, they aren’t even human.” Two years later Benjamin Netanyahu made Dahan Deputy Minister of Defence.

In conclusion it is becoming crystal clear that the Israeli leadership since Netanyahu moved to office in 1996 have been fooling the world by doing everything possible to cover up for their slowly killing of the only Internationally endorsed solution to the Israeli Palestinian conflict (two states). The natural outcome to this Israeli defiance of the International law, is this terror in the region and beyond. But locally the outcome is for the Palestinian youth to take the law into their hands as they feel that they have been betrayed by the International community, because they utterly reject to live under an apartheid regime in what is called Israel.

Peace in the Holy land which is the only guarantor of stability in the region, is only achieved by the enforcement of the two states solution based on the relevant UN resolutions.


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