Message From The Ambassador

Greetings and warm wishes ,

 While I have only been in Lisbon for a short period, I was immediately captivated by the beautiful landscape, the mountains, the trees, the beaches and the historic monuments. More impressive than the landscape however, has been the captivating warmth of the Portuguese people. The friendliness and hospitality we have been shown here has truly made us feel at home and we are so delighted to be here.

 As an ambassador, my mission is to utilize diplomacy to build bridges of understanding between our peoples. I am excited to promote bi-lateral relations with the Portuguese parliament and government. I hope to foster a deep relationship with the people here, creating what we hope to be a long-lasting partnership. In addition, I want to work with all organizations and persons who are committed to peace and justice all over the world. I am confident that this will happen because of the shared values of the Portuguese and Palestinian peoples, two communities committed to seeking a free and just society for all. These aspects of our humanity will be what binds us. These ideals will lead us to achieve great milestones, together.

Palestinians have been struggling for decades to achieve freedom for our people, including the millions of refugees scattered across the world. Every peace camp needs companions, and I look forward to partnering with you in bringing this new era into fruition. Since 1948, Palestinians have not felt one day of justice, but I believe we can work with one another to make that dream for justice, a reality. My team at the embassy and I are ready to work with the local Palestinian and Portuguese communities to usher in this promising future. If we commit to this process, we will very soon celebrate a free state of Palestine.

Lisbon – Portugal