Long live France

Hikmat Ajjuri
Charlie Hebdo´s massacre on the 7th of January 15, was by all means an unjustified evil act against French journalists, because of their creativity and open minds , all encouraged by the constitution of their free country, France. This constitution has no doubts contributed tremendously to the advancement of our civilized world in every sense. All belong to this constitution; including Kowashi brothers and Charlie, are equal before the French law.
Kowashi brothers, killed Charlie´s 12 journalists in the name of a different law which is part of the constitution, of the dark forces , which no doubts is contributing tremendously to the regression of our civilized world.
Neither decent human´s made constitutions nor God made constitution allows the killing of innocent, let alone creative individuals.
Holy Quran in this context explicitly says that killing one innocent life is equivalent to killing all people, while saving one life is equivalent to saving them all.
The perpetrators of the two tragedies; Charlie Hebdo and the Jewish kosher store in Paris have in fact caused a more painful and damages against the real Islam, its values and all those who believe in this religion.
The constitution of the dark forces allows the killing of all those who do not abide by it, including Muslims. The number of Muslims killed so far at the hands of the dark forces allegedly in the name OF Islam are hundreds times more than the non- Muslims.
I and all with any sense of humanity whether we like or not the Charlie Hebdo´s art, do in the strongest possible terms condemn not only these terrorist attacks in Paris but also this whole terrorist ideology stemmed from this earlier mentioned constitution, which is wrongly and un fairly linked to Islam.

Ambassador of Palestine

Article first appeared on 19.01.2015, http://www.dn.pt/inicio/opiniao/interior.aspx?content_id=4349316&seccao=Convidados